Redblacks sign ex-TiCats P/K Castillo

Kicker Sergio Castillo has signed with Ottawa Redblacks, per sources.

Not surprising, seeing as how the lost Maher "down South". I wish Sergio all the success in the world.

Which reminds me, who does Toronto have as a Kicker now that we signed Hajrullahu?

They've got both Waters and Pfeiffer.

Me too. He played great for us, and fell injured while wearing our uniform. I hope he recovers and has a great career.

I'm still a little surprised that OTT would volunteer to pay him to recover for 60% of the season. Even though it will not count towards the cap, it is still cash dollars. And when he is ready, he will still have to beat out the incumbent for the investment to have been worthwhile.

Maybe he is recovering more quickly than expected, and OTT knows it?

"This is going to haunt us". Go ahead, say it, you know you want to.

Hope Ottawa can find a way to keep him from running up the field.

It certainly has been a revolving door with P/K each year.

Good luck to SERGIO. He did better than we expected for us when he was healthy. Would still be in Hamilton if not for injury. The best to you SERGIO.

YUP, and the kickers we have used have all been great. No complaints since Sandro struggled.

Sergio was kicking again, just 4-1/2 months after his ACL surgery and reports that he's 100% after completing the RedBlacks mini-camp this week:

Sergio was not only a very good kicker he was a good team mate and liked by the other players and fans. All the best to him. :slight_smile: