REDBLACKS sign Chris Williams

Lots of reports out there (including Arash Madani) that Chris Williams has signed with the REDBLACKS.

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I’ll bet it’s a one year contract so he can “explore” his NFL options again in 2016. After leaving Hamilton without completing his contractual obligations, I have no ill to wish on him, but, neither do I have any good wishes either. Hopefully he will be handled well by both our Defence and Special Teams.

I think (and hope) Speedy will have a lot more success than CW this year. :rockin: :rockin: :rockin:

This will be interesting when the Cats and RBs meet, Speedy agains't CW. We'll see if CW is as good as he was.

The preseason game at THF on June 8th just got a little more interesting/fun.

It won't be fun and interesting to me when he scores TD'S against us. He was our player and left before his contract was finished, did he not promise to return should he choose the CFL again. The TiCats have given enough to get the RedBlacks started I think. :twisted:

Only team with enough cap room to sign him?
I think the over/under would be at $225K

We don't want him, Banks is better, and we all know what Obie would always say!

I thought this might happen. A great signing for the RBs. With the new rule advantages for WRs and KRs, if they put him on the field as much, or more, as the Cats did in '12, Williams could be the league's MOP.

O that's very interesting and fun. :roll:

Not sure it'd be that high. If I recall correctly, Banks got something around $175K for 3 years. Can't see it being $50K more than what Banks signed for ...

But it could be ...

I was not all that happy in the manner & circumstances that he left ... but I am happy to see him return.

This is great for the RedBlacks. Great for the East. Great for the league.

Let's hope CW can have some BIG plays against TOR & MTL garnering OTT some wins here and there ... good for Hamilton.

Let's hope CW can help OTT steal a few wins from Western opponents ... thus hampering cross-over potential.

Let's hope he doesn't have an impact on November 1st & 7th to wind up the season!

Quite the receiving corps the Redblacks have acquired for this year: Greg Ellingson, Brad Sinopoli, Marcus Henry, Chris Williams, Maurice Price - and Chevon Walker in the backfield. If Burris gets time, he's going to have a field day.

The only player who will receive more ire in Hamilton then the Argos. Smart move by Ottawa to sign him regardless of that.

Someone for us to hate and boo relentlessly again. It hasn't been the same since O'Shea retired! He could've manned up and lived up to his contract but didn't. Wouldn't have a problem with him if he lived up to his contract but he didn't. I understand want to play in the NFL and make more money but finish your oblgation in this league first! Can he recatch the fire he had? That remains to be seen!

Brandon Banks is better so it will be a great year for the Tiger-Cats!

you forgot Earnest Jackson as well. You gotta admit on paper it's a pretty impressive group indeed. Good on the RB's for signing him. This year just got that much more interesting in the Eastern conference to say the least.Now I'm not going to say welcome back CW but look on the bright side,at least he didn't sign with that Blue team who has done absolutely nothing this off season to improve themselves. :stuck_out_tongue: In fact I can easily see the A***s totally SUCKING and choking on the dust of the other 3 Eastern teams this season buried in last place by a mile.....Is it June yet ? :smiley: :rockin:

I hope he used a CFLPA-approved agent this time, otherwise he may be forced to leave before his contract is completed.

Yes and with the new rules in place he is going to have more time. This is a huge signing by Ottawa.

When these two teams meet, the special teams may never get off the field.

Drew Edwards ?@scratchingpost 26m26 minutes ago
Source tells me the @cwillkl80 deal with #Redblacks is for 1 year at around 200K. #CFL

I'll be happy if someday I can agree with your second comment. But, comparing their CFL careers, so far, I can't.