Redblacks shopping Glenn...want 1st round pick

[b]Sources tell TSN's Farhan Lalji that the Ottawa Redblacks are listening to offers for the quarterback, with a reported initial asking price of a first round pick.

The Winnipeg Blue Bombers, who have the second overall pick in May's CFL draft, are reportedly among the teams interested in his services. But after trading away their last two first round picks in recent deals for Drew Willy and Korey Banks, its believed the Bombers would not be willing to part with another top pick in 2014.

The Redblacks currently have three quarterbacks under contract that started CFL games last season. Ottawa acquired Glenn and Thomas Demarco through the expansion draft in December and then signed veteran quarterback Henry Burris to a three-year contract six days after being released by the Hamilton Tiger-Cats.

Ottawa is currently scheduled to pay their top two quarterbacks somewhere in the neighbourhood of $600,000 this year, which is above the league average. With the 34-year-old Glenn having a very cap-friendly deal with the Redblacks and the club already paying his roster bonus, he could be attractive to clubs in need of a starting quarterback.[/b]

With DeMarco on the roster, you have to think Glenn will be a sure bet to be moved before camp starts.

1st round pick seems like a high asking price for him mind you.

I'll be very surprised if someone pays that price for him. . .

I'm honestly surprised the Esks have been quiet on this front. I'd take Glenn over Riley in a heartbeat (if only also to have Glenn help train up Riley)

Keep both QBs and let Ottawa go over the salary cap. What's the penalty for going over the cap? Ottawa can pay the penalty, does the league suspend teams for going over the cap?
Ottawa will be the richest organization in the league. The only organization in the CFL that will get it's revenue not just from football.

I really don't think they intend to. I'm sure they'll listen to offers in case there's the proverbial one that "they can't refuse" (why close that door), but I'm sure they like having the depth, as a new team, that other teams would love to have.

...I think a lot of gms are going to let Desjardins sweat :lol: I wouldn't think anyone is going to jump on a deal for Glenn :wink:

Why would he sweat? He's perfectly comfortable going into the season with two capable QB's. As a GM, I'd be in far more of a sweat if I was going into the season with Winnipeg's QB situation.

...Well after Glenn tweeted ...that the 'snakes in Ottawa lied to him..I doubt he'll be around the capital long :wink:

it's quite possible, after a new Cap number is agreed to, the RedBlacks may be able to keep both Burris and Glenn and not have Cap issues at all.

I haven't seen that and I can't find reference to it. I was on his Twitter feed last night and didn't see it, but I suppose he could have deleted it. If you can come up with proof of this, I'd love to see it.

as papa claimed:

Kevin Glenn's twitter account caused a stir on Tuesday.

Glenn's account tweeted "I hear you I'm trying to get traded they said it will be either Winn Sask or BC they won't trade me to east I heard bell going to cal" and "Tell nick and Keron Ottawa some snakes they lied to me" before his agent said the veteran's Twitter had been hacked.

Glenn later tweeted "my twitter has been hacked. I've kept quiet about my situation in Ottawa for weeks now, so why would I post something like that. Everyone knows what type of person I am and this is not something in my character."

The 34-year-old was selected by the Ottawa Redblacks in the first round of December's CFL expansion draft but his time as face of the franchise was short-lived when the Redblacks signed free agent QB Henry Burris earlier this month.

Reports state the Redblacks are currently trying to trade Glenn, and that a few teams, including the Winnipeg Blue Bombers, are showing interest

Thanks, dg. I guess Papa missed the "hack" part of that. It might be a lot of crap that he was hacked, but it's nice to get the whole story. It might also have been an overreaction as it happened.

Regardless, Glenn is under contract. If that kind of comment is not in his character, I would expect him to be a pro. Just like he was for Calgary when he was not a starter there, either, to start the season. He doesn't hold the cards, the team does.

Oh, this is just popping up in the Ottawa Sun now. I thought it was something from last week (when Burris was signed).

The Sun speculates that Glenn may have sent a message that was meant to be private publicly. that seems plausible too. A bit more so than being hacked, though it does seem as though the writing is a little better for "real" Glenn than "hack" Glenn.

Probably because Kevin's agent sent it to him verbatim :lol:

my thoughts, again, HfxTC.

…Well let’s move on from Glenns miss step…Where does he go??? With all of the other action going on in fa. I’d say the RedBlacks are going to have to wait for a deal…Obviously Glenn will be moved now…It depends on what another team is willing to part with,First round pic…dream on…Maybe a futures or like I said before teams will wait till he’s released…AND IF you think that’s not possible go back a few years when the rest of the league had genius Mike Kelly over a barrel…They just waited till his release and Ham. signed him…Bombers are probably interested but won’t part with much for him…IF he goes somewhere else…that’s the way the cookie crumbles…I think he goes west but where exactly is still a big question mark??? :roll:

well, the Glenn misstep may play an intrical part in how this all plays out;
now he's made a mess of things in ottawa, which puts pressure on the RedBlacks to trade him, which lowers the price for his services. may even lead to his release.

The team is still in the driver's seat. I tell him "We were in the middle of talking trade and you go and do this?" I listen to offers if someone brings one to me but I'm not bending over backwards to accommodate him.

At the end of the day, he's under contract. I'd fully expect him to come in and do his job. If he creates a fuss, I deal with it then. And if he leaves as a free agent when his contract expires, so be it. But in the meantime, he's not going to dictate terms.

yes, he’s under contract, but which is more valuable at this point; contract of disgruntled player who could cause locker room distractions or the Cap space he’s using up?

i wouldn’t be surprised if Glenn knew exactly what he was doing and was forcing Dejardains’ hand to set him free.