RedBlacks set to Open TD Place

TD Place is set to have a ribbon cutting ceremony tonight to officially open their doors to the public. RedBlack season ticket holders are invited to attend and check out their new digs. While I watch with some ( a lot of ) envy there are expected bumps here as well. Parking appears to be a big issue and while the stadium is game ready it is not 100% complete. Jeff Hunt is meeting with the local press later today to fill them in as to what will and what won’t be available come opening night ( July 18th). Good luck Ottawa we’ll get there too. I guess!

From what I have seen of the new TD Stadium in Ottawa and by my friends who live there it really is a nice stadium and I'm looking forward to attending a Tiger-Cat game in the future in Ottawa, it will be great to take the VIA Rail down to Ottawa and enjoy a game by the River, the City of Ottawa is building a great new community in the stadium area and it will be a showplace for both the CFL, the City of Ottawa and the Redblacks.

Congratulations Redblacks Fans, Owners, Team!!


Yet another example of a private consortium project gone right vs. a public infrastructure project gone for sh*t!

Thanks, inept public officials!

They only had to build half a Stadium remember that

.... and build a commercial development, refurbish an OHL arena, transform an urban parkland, build condos and placate a bunch of radical Glebe-ite NIMBYs throughout the entire process!

Remember THAT!

Job well done, OSEG!

Ottawa politicians and the Hunt group were able to unite unlike Hamilton where the opposite was the case for whatever reason. The politicians in both places got what they wanted I guess. At any rate, at least Hamilton is getting a new stadium even with a disconnected process. Sort of unbelievable that a new stadium is happening in Hamilton with the stadium and political mess as it was for so long.

We need to bear in mind that construction on Ottawa's stadium also began about 6 months before THF... in November 2012

and don't forget that the North Side stands were completely re-furbished with a new roof, new seats, completely new concession areas, washrooms. Also a big underground parking lot.
Got my tickets and I'm heading down to Ottawa for the opener next week!!

I like the way OSEG invited the Glebeites in to thank them for the year and a half of construction

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and still won't be 100% done for the first game !

The Stadium will be 100% done. The Lansdowne Village with the stores/condos etc and the Park area won't be done

I wonder if the Ti-Cats/City of Hamilton will do something similar for residents that in Hamilton's case are as close as right next door to the stadium - much closer and more impacted by construction and IWS demolition for over a year and a half. I hope so. They certainly deserve it.

They deserve thanks - especially those who are not football fans for putting up with the mess and noise for all that time. They certainly deserve thanks more than being criticized and called every name imaginable by some incredibly selfish posters here who demanded construction should have been going on 24/7 so the stadium would be ready for their night out on July 26th.

Undeniably Outstanding. :thup:
The seat pattern is cool!

Agreed, and even funnier, there are posters on here who claim these people live in the worst slum of a neighbourhood in Hamilton


Ottawa's stadium is awesome. I'd love to go to a game there one day.

We have to get a stadium out East next. Let's boycott President's Choice products until Galen Weston writes a check! (kidding).

Was there and had great time. Talked to Jeff Hunt and told him was driving for Kingston to see all the games. He seemed to be genuinely surprised we were traveling that far, thanked us and shook our hands. Seats are great and was fun to hear "Northside sucks" chants from people on Southside , and the games haven't even started yet! :rockin: :rockin:

According to the Sun article there was no "Northside sucks" chant they are saving it for the first game. But Greenberg said everything in the stadium is ready and the only glitch was the scoreboard was a week behind schedule
16 ounce Buds for $4.50 ??? WTF, this is supposed to be Canada.

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I was sitting on southside upper deck , and there sure was chanting of Northside sucks, because I was one of a few hundred doing it. :lol: :lol: :lol:

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They only had to build half a Stadium remember that

Half a stadium maybe but a whole new community around the stadium, new arena, parking, parks etc. About 10 times the amount of construction compared to Hamilton and if you think Ottawa doesn't get snow in the winter, in Hamilton and Toronto they bring out the army if they get 10cm of snow, Ottawa gets 3 feet and they still work on the project!!

No complaints or delays due to weather, that's just a cheap way to escape the truth by Liberals that they screwed up and their over priced Pan Am Committee in Ontario.

It was only Toronto that called in the army because of snow. Apparently it's hard to shovel when you have a latte in one hand. Hamilton people do their own heavy lifting.

But the surrounding "community/shopping mall" won't be finished, and I am certain each had its own construction schedule and crew. I hate saying anything that even vaguely sides with the Wynberals but I believe the southern Ontario winter was more of an aberration that Ottawa's; their construction schedule may have been more ambitious based on "normal" winter expectations.