REDBLACKS sell out AGAIN! (6th straight)

They play three of those within 10 days including two on weeknights (Thursday then Tuesday) so it'll be interesting to see what attendance is like. Saturday is sold out but selling out the two after that will probably be a tall order.

I just love that football in Ottawa is drawing better crowds than in Winnipeg after all the jokes about poor support and the franchise folding within two years. This is AWESOME. Great job Ottawa.

Lansdowne Park as a whole is very popular now, hosting festivals and concerts and such. Those who predicted it would be a graveyard because of traffic issues were dead wrong. I'm sure it's not hopping on most Tuesday afternoons, but there are all kinds of events there now, of various sizes.

And thank you. :thup:

Hamilton and Ottawa keep looking at each other, wondering then the other is going to stop selling out.

Hope it doesn't happen next game in Hamilton.

Who would have thunk back in 2002 or so, eh? :cowboy:

exactly why we need to have a Hamilton Ottawa rivalry!

with any luck we will meet in the playoffs and start what can be a beautiful hatred!

"Ticket Timetable Announced for Oct. 6 Bonus Game Against Argos
Monday 21 September 2015
The REDBLACKS today announced details of their ticketing plan for the extra home game at TD Place against the Toronto Argonauts on October 6.

REDBLACKS season ticket holders will have an advance window of opportunity to purchase online tickets for the game as of 10 a.m. this Wednesday (Sept. 23). Tickets will be available to the general public starting this Saturday (Sept. 26) at 10 a.m.

“This is an exciting time for all of us in the REDBLACKS organization,? said John Mathers, VP of Ticketing and Marketing for the REDBLACKS parent company, OSEG. “The team is playing extremely well and the bonus game against the Argos, with only a few weeks left in the regular season, will have heightened interest in #RNation and casual fans who haven’t yet experienced the biggest party in town.?

Tickets for the bonus game will be priced to sell quickly, with savings of up to 40% for season ticket holders and almost 30% for non-season ticket holders.

“Fans don’t have a lot of time to change existing plans between now and October 6 so we wanted to provide added incentive for them to act quickly,? Mathers explained. “We think the bonus game is a great opportunity for casual fans to sample the REDBLACKS and hopefully we’ll see them again for our final home games of the regular season against Winnipeg and Hamilton.?

REDBLACKS season ticket holders will be contacted by email with details on how to reserve their seats starting tomorrow. They’ll have until noon on Friday (Sept. 25) to take advantage of the exclusive opportunity to reserve their seats, and after that their tickets will be released and included in the general available ticket inventory for Saturday morning.

Coincidently, the REDBLACKS host the Argo’s in a regularly scheduled game at TD Place on Saturday night. That game is already sold-out.

The bonus game against the Argonauts on October 6 was originally scheduled to be held in Toronto, however, a potential scheduling conflict with a Toronto Blue Jays playoff game forced the Argos to seek an alternative venue. The Argos announced last week that after an exhaustive search, they felt Ottawa provided the best opportunity to deliver a CFL caliber facility and meet CFL production standards."

Looks like a great deal for fans. I wasn't sure I would make that game. It is a 2 hour drive (from KIngston) for me. But, with a deal like that for SST holders, it is hard to resist. I may have to call in sick the next day (cough,cough). :wink:

we'll be there with bells on !!!


And pants. Pants are mandatory.