REDBLACKS sell out AGAIN! (6th straight)

Where it it irritates me is that crediting such a large portion of it to novelty feels unfair. If all I wanted was to go to the new stadium, I could go to a soccer game far more often for a lot less. There's more to it than just wanting to see a stadium in a park that isn't even finished. Not only is the game sold out, it sold out three days ahead of time. Who knows how many people are in line to catch a game?

Just wait, if they lose tonight and don't sell out next Friday, it'll be "guess the honeymoon is over". :roll:

Those comments are inevitable. Just know the owners did not poor all that money into a new team/stadium to walk away and with all the new revenue streams for CFL/Sports teams, the team should be just fine even if the sellouts end.

You waited a long time for your beloved team to return, my friend. Enjoy it and to hell with the negative comments.

OSEG will make money operationally with their CFL team in their first year. Can't beat that. They will need five years of that to get their money back (expansion fees and capital expenses) but I'm pretty sure Braley would love his Argos to be in that situation right now.

Of course. Such a beautiful stadium. I envy it and the Ticats have THF - which (I hear) is very nice. If we can just find the Argos a nice home, we can concentrate on a 10th team and profitability for all.

I really have to hand it to the people of Ottawa! They have done extremely well in showing their support this team! New team/new stadium aside, I really hope the community there feels a good sense of pride. THe OSEG group did their part, and Ottawa responded in amzing fashion!

Great job all! :rockin:

From the get-go I said that non-sellouts would surprise me more than sellouts in this first season.

Hunt knows how to fill seats, and unlike the 67s; he easily doubled the full price ticket sales when he gotr the team and then fills the place with heavily discounted tickets to get kids into the building and make money off the concessions and souvenirs. None of that needed for the Rouge et Noir.

Good for Ottawa, looks like the nicest place to watch a game in the CFL. I think the wins will come. They've certainly been close many a time, haven't learned how to close out games though.

I still think that Ottawa has some of the best Special Teams trick plays I've seen in a long long time. Great execution too.

I think that trickery (a) has been well used and (b) is part of what made so many surprised they went for the FG last week in Saskatchewan; it was contrary to the ballsy calls on trick plays.

Part of the reason they've worked so well is because they know when to pick and choose when to use them. You can't run a trick play all the time, you have to catch the other team napping.

I thought they might just gamble on 3rd down, go for the win. But I'd say 9 times out of 10 they make that field goal and earning a tie against the Grey Cup champs on the road would be an accomplishment.

Good job Ottawa.

Making a play for #7:

OTTAWA -- Less than 1,000 good seats are available at TD Place for the next home game of the Ottawa REDBLACKS on Friday, October 3 against the Winnipeg Blue Bombers. Kickoff is at 7 p.m.

The REDBLACKS have sold out each of the team’s first six home games at TD Place during the team’s inaugural season in the Canadian Football League and is looking to avenge a loss to the Bombers during the season opener in Winnipeg on July 3.

The Sarah McClurg Band will play an outdoor show on the Aberdeen's licensed South Court beginning at 5 p.m., with a great selection of food and beverages catered by Lone Star.

Post-game, the party continues on the South Court with the Chris Evans Band playing on stage and more great food and beverage options. It's come early, stay late.

How many crap seats left? :wink:

I'm heading back down south so if anyone needs two tickets to the 31st of October game against Hamilton let me know.

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Great to see what can happen in market with great, committed ownership. However,it is important not to get excited this early in the RedBlacks existence. A couple more seasons will provide a more accurate picture of the state of the market. Great start though :thup:

Well said
You are bang on!!! :thup:

IMO I think the fans will continue to come as long as the team is competitive. So far, the team IS moving in the right direction. Even if they have found every way to lose games, they were still in most games right to very end. Entertaining football is what most of us would like to see. Of course winning games would make it even better 8)

The CFL will be looking at 3 of 4 sold out veneus.
Hamilton opening up the last part join the new stadium’s in the east that will sell out.
In Regina. The addition of the end zone theatre style seating, suites, and Pilsner Pub lifts the Riders sell out to 32K plus these days.
While TD place and THF will have smaller capacity but will have modern premium seating all ready by next seasons start.

For the first time ever all premium seating(club, suite, endzone, sideline) will be available for Hamilton's game this weekend. Attendance will be around 20 000 as opposed to the 18 000 in the previous games.

All thats left to finish and open is the press box and 3500 seat 4th level west side. Capacity should be around 24 000 when all is said and done. They are projecting to have the entire stadium opened for the October 17th game.

For the Oct. 24th game vs. Montreal they are only 97 tickets left!! Looks like another sell-out for the REDBLACKS!! :rockin: :rockin:

The play of t he Red Backs has greatly inroved. The old man Buris can still throw the ball as evidenced by the receivers who are now catching the ball. Receivers deserve the admiration from all the fans the RB's are till in the mix for the play offs.

Receivers were part of the reason he looked terrible last year, but they sure have bailed him out a couple of times this year too. They might drop the occasional one but at least now it's probably on par with the rest of the league.

I think Ernest Jackson is my favourite among them. Tough player, I could watch him do his thing all day. :thup:

...just looking at the schedule, with the new game vs. TOR moved on October 6th, the RBs play 5 of their remaining 7 games at home...pretty decent way to finish....