REDBLACKS Schedule inter- squad scrimmage for Gatineau

During the first week of training camp the REDBLACKS have announced that they will make their first appearance on a Gridiron in Gatineau.
Great promotion for them. It is located right in rookie Receiver Simon LaMarquand's home.
Undoubtedly their will be his Jersey as well as much more Merchandise on sale.

Undoubtedly you're wrong. No there won't be. Only Burris' jersey is available so far, seeing as he is the face of the franchise.

If you want a custom Jersey, the REDBLACKS will be having an in-house name and number printing service at their new Bank Street and Fifth Avenue location by the time the first Reg Season home game takes place.

Also to note, the intrasquad game will be at le complex sportif Mont-Bleu. on Boul Cite-des-jeune, not in LeMarquand's home itself...

Are you sure? I heard his parents have a pretty large backyard.

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Intra Squad scrimmage near LeMarquand's home area.
Could they have more Jersey's Available besides Burris' by this time ?
Likely to have other merchandise on sale besides Jersey's; T-Shirts, Caps, etc. Rouge et Noir T-Shirts making there first appearance at this scrimmage.
Sell Sell Sell
Possible Autograph session and likely much more

I would suspect a very few if any; don't see them wanting to run the risk of selling a sweater for a player who could be cut or traded.

That makes good sense. offers five: Shologan, (Jovon) Johnson, Lavoie and Walker.