Redblacks roster violation

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League source: @REDBLACKS have been informed they have been investigated for a roster violation and will be fined by @cfl #cfl

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Roster violation @REDBLACKS involves a player on six-game injured list participating on field with a practice roster player @cfl #cfl

This is a bit like someone at the tailgate forgetting to put their beer in a non-transparent cup. Come on, GMs and coaches, you have to follow through on the pretense those phoney-baloney injuries to the six-game players are real.

Does anyone really believe that the RBs can carry Burris and Harris, plus that receiving corps and not be violating the salary cap?

Somebody has to be dramatically under paid, or somebody has to subsidizing with a "off-season" salary a la the NCAA?

It is pretty straight forward. If you're on the 6 game injury list, you can't practise. Zac was taken off early because Austin wanted him to work off the rust in practice. The Cats took a salary cap hit for taking Zac off early. :smiley:

Pat Lynch(the old guy)

Does anyone know when a player on the 6-Game Injured List is permitted, by its rules, to resume practising with his teammates?

A player on 6 game injured list can,I do think, start practicing with regular players after game 5 of the 6 games on injured list.


A player can come off early from the 6 game ANYTIME...but a maximum of 2 players can do that.

Everyone else on the 6 game can start practicing with the team after Game 4.

This is from the Riders forum, (the guys name is Hammer, so he must be good! :wink: )

[url=] ... tion-rules[/url]

"Players are allowed to practice 2 weeks prior to the first game they're eligible to return so not until after the 5th game. If they started practicing after the 4th game they'd get 3 weeks practice in before they can suit up again. Apparently Wally tried to get permission for Lulay to return to practice this week but the league said no he has to wait until after this weekend's game. If you look at the transactions like the Rider ones you'll see two dates. The first one is for the date the player is eligible to return to the active roster. The second date in brackets tells you when he's eligible to return to practice."

SSK TRF TO INJURED NIP Neal HUGHES (RB) Regina - to Aug-30^^ (Aug-17)
SSK TRF TO INJURED NIP Jordan SISCO (WR) Regina - to Aug-15^^ (Aug-3)
SSK TRF TO INJURED IMP Hilee TAYLOR (DE) North Carolina - to Aug-15^^ (Aug-3)
SSK TRF TO INJURED IMP Chad KILGORE (LB) Northwest Missouri State - to Aug-15^^ (Aug-3)
SSK TRF TO INJURED IMP Devin TYLER (OL) Temple - to Aug-15^^ (Aug-3)

Here is the transaction page

Too bad that is not always accurate, up-to-date and / or all inclusive.
i.e. No activity by the Tiger-Cats appears there July 15 - August 1 inclusive. If nothing else, I know Filer was put on the 6-Game and Toliver came off it during that period of time. And that's just one instance, of many, where actual team transactions don't make it onto

To be fair, it was pretty much accepted that after Hank laid an egg his first season in Ottawa that his contract got restructured, else they would have terminated it. It is more then likely with Hank on a restructured deal and Harris on a new guy contract, combined they are probably amounting to just over 500k

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#RedBlacks fined $5,000 and lose $6,761 (or 0.13%) of their 2016 salary cap after a six gamer practised. #CFL

You can remove an unlimited # of players from the 6 game IR but their salary is applied retroactively against the cap.

You can have a maximum of 2 players who have been on the 6 game IR for 7 games or longer activated without any retroactive penalty to the SMS.

A player on the 6 game IR can return to practice after the 5th game or two weeks leading up to the 7th game. (Remember, it's games so bye weeks don't count)

You can't add any players to the 6 game IR after the the team's 15th game. But those on the 6 game prior, their salaries don't count to the cap as long as they don't get reactivated for the remainder of the season.

[url=] ... t-2014.pdf[/url]

Page 43. Article 14. Section F

According to Rick Campbell in his Monday interview, it happened before the game in Montreal. A 6-gamer and a practice roster player went out on the field while the team was in the dressing room and tossed around a football; essentially just playing catch.
But since the practice roster guy is classified as "on the team", it became a violation. As Sask got dinged earlier, the league is watching everyone and it's a zero tolerance policy.

As Campbell said, there was no intent to cheat on the RedBlacks part, and the players were told in advance what they can and can't do being on the 6 game, but it happened.

and I "half" ran a red light this morning.

If by "it happened before the game in Montreal," Rick Campbell means on the Montreal field, game day, in the time between when the team bus arrived at the stadium and kickoff, then that's a B.S. sanction. Actually, if the "team" was in the dressing room, regardless whether at home, or on the road, then how can the PR player be considered as a "member of the team" in this instance? I think the real story here, with the media is missing on, is who at the field informed who in the league office about these two guys playing catch?

Yeah, Campbell didn't know his players were out playing catch because it happened while they were in Montreal and he was in the locker room? Had no idea that they might pick up a ball and do some football things with it? And Campbell didn't realize that he was standing on the field and was in the path of Duron Carter when Carter bumped him over, because he was too busy directing his players for the next play?

What is it about this guy that makes him the Teflon man, that I am missing? Is it the cute plump baby face, the drawl? C'mon, even Chris Jones fessed up out in Saskatchewan, and coughed up the fines without whining. Man it up Rick, if you can't pay the dime, don't do the crime?