Redblacks Roster violation

gary lawlessVerified account ?@garylawless 5m5 minutes ago
League source: @REDBLACKS have been informed they have been investigated for a roster violation and will be fined by @cfl #cfl

gary lawlessVerified account ?@garylawless 3m3 minutes ago
Roster violation @REDBLACKS involves a player on six-game injured list participating on field with a practice roster player @cfl #cfl

gary lawlessVerified account ?@garylawless 13m13 minutes ago
. @REDBLACKS roster violation fine is $5,000 plus a charge against cap. Issue is player on 6-game taking part in on-field activity @cfl #cfl

Cheaters ! :oops:

They made them change their name, But they are still the RoughRiders at heart! :wink:

Probably Burris.

Maybe this stuff happened in years past and action was not reported or if everyone turned a blind eye is difficult to say. But I suspect the actions of the new commish are far more aggressive as far as cleaning up this stuff. I support it.

What this tells me is that there is a working relationship between the Commish and the CFLPA. Between the doping policy and this....

About time.

CFL really needs to clamp down on these things IMO - $5k is peanuts.

I hadn't thought about it in that way. Do you think the PA objects to "injured" players practicing with the active players?

If rules are broken the fines are imposed and you carry on - I wouldn’t start dumping on them with the cheater hashtag.

I agree that the rules need to be in-forced and once all teams are held to the same standard it will start to address the issue.

and its not speculation - TSN reporting on the fine

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The Ottawa Redblack have been fined $5,000 and received a charge against their salary cap for violating the CFL's roster rules, according to TSN senior correspondent Gary Lawless.
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Lawless reports the fine stems from the Redblacks having a player on their six-game injured list taking part in on-field activities with a practice roster player.

The Redblacks will be the second team to be fined by the league for a roster violation this season, joining the Saskatchewan Roughriders.

Ottawa sits first in the CFL East Division with a 5-4-1 record.

Kirk Penton ?@PentonKirk 1h1 hour ago
#RedBlacks fined $5,000 and lose $6,761 (or 0.13%) of their 2016 salary cap after a six gamer practised. #CFL

Good. The rules should be enforced.

Its no surprise that the posters who screamed Cheaters at the Riders have gone silent - It should be a indication to all that it was team trolling and maybe we can finally move past that and collectively support the CFL in cracking down on all teams t o ensure not only an equal playing field but that workers ( which is what players are ), are properly compensated and their contract terms enforced.

Don't get me wrong - what the Riders did was wrong - what the Redblacks did is wrong. Jones said he did what he saw was permittable and he hoped all teams would be held to account. 2 things that turn out to be correct now is

1 - This throws cold water on conspiracy theories that the Riders were targeted. With a second team fined and their cap penalized it shows the CFL is working towards cleaning it up - League wide

2 - It appears that Jones was partially correct and to some level all CFL teams had or still manipulate roster rules. One would think after the Riders fine that every team would have gone through their processes with a fine comb. Not sure if we know if the Redblacks violation happened before or after the Rider fine was announced. With the defeaning silence from certain posters about cheating - this should also serve as a humbling moments - I doubt any teams hands are clean and unless we want 9 Team Cheaters threads its time to focus on the positive - That the CFL is taking this seriously and is clearly working with the players to have them report infractions.