Redblacks' Rose won't be suspended for pushing official in East Final

What a JOKE … he should never even have played the GC … this was perhaps the most obvious instance of actually pushing an official I’ve ever seen … he even knocked him down … and it came after a severe and dangerous face-mask tackle.

Unbelievable ::slight_smile:

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I sense it’s unanimous.
An egregious and disrespectful decision in the mind of the fans who expect greater professionalism. big time cop out. bush league. Open season on officials now? Blame the CBA? No Blame the league official responsible failing to timely discipline in this matter. 1/2 gamepay fine. Pffft.

Seems pretty egregious in the face of it, but I’m sensing there is more to this story than we are being told.

It was bad enough that he was allowed to play in the GC. This is disgusting.

The CFL is the only league in the world that can’t suspend anyone. It’s the only league in the world where you can abuse an official and get away with it. Fine my ass, this is basically scot free.

…hey Redblacks, prepare to receive the Dennis Wideman treatment for the time Rose is on your roster…take it from a flames fan, it ain’t fun…

At a time when the league is putting much effort into recruiting and training more new refs, this is a terrible message to send to those considering it.

I wonder if having more female refs would help avoid such incidents in the future. Would players be less likely to push a woman? If a player were to push a female ref in such a manner, would he receive the same slap on the wrist?

I can’t think of any extenuating circumstances that would justify what he did. Unless you’re talking about something fairly unlikely, such as an alien insect crawling into Rose’s ear and controlling his body movements for that 5-second span.

Like…after the game, Rose apologized to the official and bought him a new car? Like a Lexus? Or a Mini Cooper? :wink:

Why is that unlikely? Sounds reasonable to me. Of course, it would depend on what KIND of insect…but yeah, completely logical… :wink:

Here’s proof:

Do they think that because he was tossed from the game that he served enough of a “suspension”? ::slight_smile:
The incident took place right before half time. Regardless, that was blatant abuse of an official - even if he didn’t realize who he was pushing at the time - and should NOT be excused, regardless of how much time has elapsed. This decision sets a dangerous precedent IMO.

Agreed. First play…last play. It makes no difference. No doubt Rose was legit remorseful…still needs a suspension.

Kyries Hebert was pretty good at sounding contrite … but he pulled $#!^ again, and again, and again, and again, and …

Been watching the Calgary-Ottawa game, and I gotta say, I’ve lost all respect for the referees.

Since the league won’t mete out justice, I was kinda banking on them to make sure every time Rose sneezes he’s hit with an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty, or every time he looks in the direction of a receiver he’s tagged with pass interference.

Nope. Guess Rose really gets off scot-free.

I thought officials were supposed to be fair and unbiased? Don’t worry Morris, Kim Murphy is the referee, he hates the REDBLACKS, he’ll make the “calls” for you.

Officials ARE supposed to be fair and unbiased. But so is the league. How’s that working out?

Thought Murphy called more on the Stamps than he did on the OTTRBs! Didn’t seem biased against the visitors at all!