Redblacks-rising star or sinking ship

I am thoroughly discouraged by the RBs. Three strait years of home loses (minus the Winnipeg miracle) has me thinking its time to pull the plug. You can’t win in the CFL if you cant throw the ball farther than ten yards. You can’t win if you can’t cover passes of longer than ten yards. I may just spend the next home game at the golf course. Ooops its a night game maybe I will continue this unique form of self abuse.

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At the beginning…other teams were providing their talent…and as such doing the scouting and recruiting for them, resulting in the redblack’s quick rise. Now that they have to do their own work, not so successful.

This is why new teams should not be allowed to pilfer the other teams’ lineups.

They should EARN their way!!!

well that had that last game won if it wasn’t for the boneheaded decision to kick a fg there

Absolutley, and that is the second game that the coach has cost them. It will be interesting to see if the players give up after the coach seems to want to put the blame on Ward for missing the kick rather than where it belongs.

They have a first year head coach. There are at least a couple games they should have won but poor coaching decisions changed that.

Mistakes happen. Repeating mistakes is when its a problem…

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. . . . and they didn’t beat the Bombers. The Big Blue self-destructed as they’ve been wont to do on a few occasions this season!

Like most CFL coaches, Bobby D knows the Xs & Os but he’s lost on intangibles and creating smooth flow offenses, defenses & special teams.

btw - If I were Winnipeg I’d have my eyes on both Dusty Crumbs & Taylor Powells as future guys to replace an obvious in decline Zach Collaros in a year or 2.

Looks like the R,s have added a passing threat to Crums running ability, they could still make the crossover or take 3rd in the East over Montreal.

Too bad they blew that game last week and the one a few weeks ago against the Riders.

They haven’t helped themselves, but still have a chance, win the points vs Montreal and maybe.

Disagree there. REDBLACKS were 2-16 in 2014. If anything the CFL should let an expansion franchise pick 1 offensive starter, 1 defensive starter and 1 special teams player from every single team. They should also be allowed to take any coaches they want from other clubs as long as no team loses more than 1 coach.

If Halifax was given a franchise tomorrow, I’d let them take Zach Collaros, Willie Jefferson, Sergio Castillo and Mike O’Shea.

Yes that Ottawa expansion team was terrible, they ended up dumping almost all their expansion draft picks the next year and went from 2 wins to 12 wins.
Remember the “fab four” - four receivers that were signed just before the 2015 season and the four receivers each had 1,000 yard receiving two years in a row which was a CFL record.

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