Redblacks @ Riders

Any predictions anyone. Should be a great game. If our D keeps playing as they have we should win, but our O has to start putting points on the board. Enough is enough. I don’t so much blame the players as I do that one coach!! His play calling sucks at the best of times. We use to have an exciting O to watch. Not so much these days!!

Go Riders they win by 10

Going to be a great football day tomorrow with interesting possibility…a Calgary loss and Rider win
Go Riders Go

I’m hoping for the streak to continue for the next three games setting up a big showdown with Edmonton for a home playoff game.

I’m waiting for the real showdown on Oct 20 in Calgary!!!

That goes without saying!!

At what point does Mcadoo get put in the hot seat for his inept offence? He has one lucky call every once in a while, otherwise a very predictable offense.

FACT: The Riders get no grey cup with this offense. Absolutely awful!

If Macadodo is not gone by season end, Jones needs to go also. This O is so predicable, boring and useless. Evans drops 3 easy catches and you again throw to him at the end. Rosie is not being used hardly, which is a big mistake, he hangs on as a rule. Zac is not the answer, nor is Bridge, we need a real QB, Hell Doubles would not of played this bad. Might as well kept Glenn. When your D and special teams have more TDs on the season than your O. something is really wrong. No way we win a grey cup with this O. What a joke. So pissed off!!

It came down to Ottawa wanting this game more. Some teams just match up well against others. Ottawa seems to have our number.

Looks like we can kiss first place good bye.

Well that was a real STINKER of the bed sheets.

IMHO - we were out coached on Offense & Defense. Special Teams were very good, but they can’t win by themselves.

Still hoping for a home play off game.

On to Toronto - Go Riders.