REDBLACKS release six players

Nothing wrong with me. I can't stand bullying of someone because they are different. Larsen ain't exactly a hero , he could have stopped the assault but didn't.

Do you want Larsen on the Alouettes knowing what he witnessed an assault and stood by doing nothing? The RedBlacks don't even want him.

The dude is radioactive, best to walk away from him and move on. Maybe he can sue the RedBlacks for lost earnings or wrongful dismissal. His lawyer is a phone call away

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You don't know that!

You don't know that he witnessed anything

You don't know that and no he cannot sue! CFL contracts are not guaranteed!

Why is it so hard to accept the fact that he had nothing to do with it?
Why do you refuse to believe it?

I have been ganged up before by a group of white guys because of I was an "Indian" while nobody helped or called the cops. So I can sympathize with the victim.

Larsen's lawyer mentioned he is has been reduced as a person of interest to a witness.

He was at scene, He didn't do anything because he didn't do anything to prevent the assault. "The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is good men do nothing."

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I am sorry to hear that but it is irrelevant

Do you have a link to that but ok..what did he witness? You don't know

Again, what did he witness? You don't know...maybe he left before the assault don't know
Maybe he was there after it don't know
Again, why do you want Larson to be guilty of something?

Why can't you accept innocent until proven guilty and innocent when innocent?


Larsen's lawyer made a statement. It's on 3Downnation. Or you can wait for the trial and read the transcript when testimony is recorded as evidence. But by that time, this will be old news and the CFL has gone on without Larsen

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Oh right.....the national inquirer of the football world.... but no Link?

But would still like to know why you cannot accept innocent until proven guilty?
What changes in your life because of it?

I wonder why he avoids answering those questions. . .

Isn't it amazing how he thinks that when you are saying innocent until proven guilty means someone is innocent and you are fighting to protect them

No-one here is saying he is innocent. we are saying that he is to be treated as if he were innocent until he is proven guilty

Most here flat out say he is guilty!
It really is sad

Nic Grigsby has been around for a few years and he is a Running back not a LB.
Bad luck with Jalen Saunders, a great receiver but an off season car accident likely ends his career.
With Larsen people will say he was released because of the incident, but there are dozens of players being released right now across the CFL.

Considering he never played a game, we will never know why he was cut, but we do know why he was suspended, and that was wrong

But he was released because of the roster size.

Yeah that is what the team says and I will take them at their word but whether or not the accusation played a part in the decision is something we will never know

I wonder if any other team will pick him up?
The problem is teams still have all of the 2020 draft picks that never went to camp and now the 2021 picks. The 2020 FAs and the 2021 FAs, that's a lot of players to evaluate

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As you summarized well with the largest pool of players ever, and if a player is not exceptional or special in some way, I have my doubts about him even being given a chance.

I avoid the subject because it brings back memories of me getting ganged up upon because I was "Indian". The timing of this hate crime and the discovery of close to 1000 native kids in unmarked graves is not ideal for my social calendar.

Walk a mile in my moccasins before posting shit like that

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None of that addresses the questions I posed. None of it.

First you said one things about Larsen and now you say something totally different. They can't both be true.

Were you lying then or are you lying now?

Geez, now you are calling me a liar. I explained to you why I hesitated in a reply. If you won't accept my answer because that is all I have.

Larsen lost his roster spot. I'm okay with that. Next man up

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For someone avoiding the subject, you are not doing a good job, and what happened to you has nothing to do with accepting someone being innocent and looking for something to blame on them

Why can't you accept someone being innocent until proven guilty and innocent when innocent

Why? Why do insist on punishing an innocent person?
Why can't you accept it?

Are you incapable of agreeing to disagree with anybody, forum or not?