REDBLACKS release six players

OTTAWA — The REDBLACKS on Thursday released the following players:

• American receiver Jaelan Austin (TCU) • American receiver Jovon Durante (Florida Atlantic) • American defensive back Lashard Durr (Mississippi State) • American linebacker Ironhead Gallon (Georgia Southern) • American linebacker Nic Grigsby (Pittsburgh) • National defensive lineman Chris Larsen (Manitoba)

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Guess all teams will be reducing their roster real soon. Too bad for these 6. What is especially sad is Chris Larsen who was wrongfully accused of beating a man in Toronto. Shame on all those (so called) fans who Convicted, Cheered & Gloated with their previous comments over his suspension before the true investigation was conducted. Maybe all of you (and we all know who you are) should reserve opinion until someone is actually found guilty in a court of law, like our justice system demands.


Larsen flipped and became a witness in the Police investigation, thus making him a snitch. No team will invest in a person that his teammates can't trust in. He'd be a pariah in the locker room by the players.

Huff can give him job if he wants make good. But Huff knows he doesn't want to introduce a toxic ingredient into the Stamps locker room

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are you a tv show writer??

He only had a hour with the Police when they questioned him. Already had a lawyer to help the transition from suspect to witness as a statement was made by his lawyer.

I'd rather write movies instead

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well, if ever I am on trial for something I didnt do, I will pray to God that you are not on my jury. Paging DR. Bull, I need jury selection help :slight_smile:

Well the mods have played their hand on allowing unproven claims with no source. I'm no longer going to keep calling it out.

Larsen's is going to say "Dat's da guy, your honor" pointing his finger at person that did the assault.

My assertion is based that most of Black players/ possible teammates have trust issues with the Police and the Court System(see George Floyd). There is a saying that "snitches get stitches" among people from the mean streets.

There would be some apprehension to Larsen's presence. You can't bring him into a team dynamic because of that. Maybe next year when things have been forgotten. By then is Larsen still going to be a quality football player to sign? But some team would be desperate to take a chance on him. Basically his football career might be over before it started.

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They certainly appear to have. It's a shame.

well, ya know what, if it was me, and if I witnessed such a thing, I would finger the guilty party(S) at the drop of a hat. The hell with any label anyone wanted to put on me.

Not that I buy what you are sayin, but I'm just sayin

Please write some movie scripts. I want better action films but with maybe some new actors, not too old not too young except for maybe the villain can be an old guy or lady, minus the same ol' likes of Vin Diesel, The Rock, Jason Statham, and a few of those others around for like 20 years now.

You might not realize not everybody has that luxury or the same privilege.

Me as well FYB.

Were I to witness a crime, I'd for sure tell the police what I saw and what I know.

If that makes Dave call me a "snitch", I'm thick skinned enough to take it.

sniff. I just wish my favorite entertainers would quit growing older. I could watch my favs in their prime forever. Seeing them be older also keeps reminding me that I am older, sigh

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More Chris Pratt than

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how so? how so?

Dave explained it well right above.

If he wanted to be a witness, he should've called 9-11 immediately, instead of being called in for questioning after the fact. He also could have put a stop to the assault, but didn't. Larsen is paying the price for his inaction

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If you know all that, then why were you the one a week or so ago claiming that Larsen was guilty???

Why didn't you tell us back then that "he should've called 9-11 immediately, instead of being called in for questioning after the fact. He also could have put a stop to the assault, but didn't. "

Seriously. What is wrong with you that you would post that?
What us wrong with you that you refuse that admit the man is innocent?