REDBLACKS release Davis, Stafford, 10 others; sign seven

OTTAWA — The Ottawa REDBLACKS made a series of transactions on Thursday afternoon, announcing that the team has signed seven players and has released 12 others.

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I could see Winnipeg inviting Davis in for a cup of coffee and a chat.

I don’t think so. He was with Winnipeg before, and the let him go, favouring McGuire and Streveler. Though McGuire may not have “it” to become a starter, he does look to have more upside than Davis.

I’m not so sure about that. From what I have seen they are both a bit less than mediocre.

Released Davis & kept Nichols? SMH.

Davis should not get yet another chance
Brandon Bridge career stats are so far ahead of Davis yet he’s out of the league

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LaPo has publicly stated he’d like Streveler as his starter. If he’s available I think he’d take starter money in Ottawa.

Nichols - the forgotten man. I just don’t see a spot for him anywhere.

I don’t dislike Nichols, but I think it’s time for him to explore other options. Like you say it’s going to be tough finding a spot, let alone as a starter . A little too old, a little too injury prone. Time to find a coaching job, & let some young buck take the pounding.

I'll be very surprised if we see either Davis or Nichols playing QB in the CFL this season.

As will I. With Harris and (likely) Masoli on the FA market, who would have room for Davis or Nichols.

I hope that Stafford will rejoin the Redblacks should he not land an NFL spot.

I agree there’s no chance - he’s 32 and still awful. What amazes me is that Davis has earned a CFL paycheque for as long as he has. If he was a young guy you could say he has potential but he’s way past that stage.

Davis is a couple years younger than Nichols - and a lot less damaged. I could see him gaining traction if the CFL goes back to 3 dressed roster QBs.
Nichols is an arrogant kinda guy - he prolly still thinks his shat don't slink. . . . so he'll try and conjure up a contract where at the very least he can steal a signing bonus (Darian Durant 101)

Winnipeg is praying like they've never prayed before that Streveler's time on NFL taxi squads are over. Only problem is fitting Streveler in under the cap. Maybe they can hook him up with some nifty Northern Manitoba furs.