REDBLACKS re-sign DBs Sherrod Baltimore & Brandin Dandridge

OTTAWA — The Ottawa REDBLACKS re-signed a pair of American defensive backs on Tuesday, inking Sherrod Baltimore and Brandin Dandridge to deals for 2022.

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Good move. It'd difficult to build a solid secondary. They've got some strong pieces back there.

What on earth did they have to give them to convince them to re-sign?

I think they told them it’s either sign with us or you’re being traded to Calgary.

yeah no one would want to be a perennial winner

Maybe there are some salary/player cuts coming to free up space - a certain D. Davis at quarterback immediately comes to mind.

Yea this whole attitude where fans immediately jump to the conclusion that any team that signs any player must be over the cap isn't helping anyone.

Salaries are not disclosed and nothing in this story says that these players got raises, before it is even considered whether Ottawa was anywhere near the cap for next year in the first place.

Another two solid signings for the busy Ottawa Redblacks. Sherrod Baltimore and Brandin Danridge will help their secondary in 2022. The Redblacks need to address their Quarterback position :question: