Redblacks QB situation

Who do you think is going to be their Quarterback? I would assume that they would take on veteran (glenn) and one qb that has shown signs of promise (Collaros, Marsh, Demarco). I would also try to sign kerry joseph, just for veteran leadership.

I say Glenn and DeMarco will be selected by Ottawa on December 16,2013.


Makes the most sense. They will want to have two QBs who have played games in the CFL under contract and both at different stages.
For Calgary that would ensure that they would be able to keep punter Rob Maver who they may leave unprotected along with 2 more Canadians for selecting a QB in Glenn. Even with the Canadian Free agents that would still leave Ottawa with a good Canadian player with their Canadian talent being the deepest in the league.
Who could be left unprotected could be a couple of young potential starting Olineman in either J'Michael Deane or Spencer Wilson who both have a lot of expereince starting at several Oline positions and both the ability to play OT.
Or could a guy like Karl McCartney be left unprotected and could become a special teams captain and LB depth.
Where would Sinopoli fit into the Stamps protection plans.
In the second Canadian Round Young safeties like MacDougal or Berger

Hard to say what the Stamps will do with Sinopoli. They should have Forzani and Bauman back from injury next year, so the backup NI receiver slot(s) could get crowded.

I agree it is really hard to predict what will happen with Sinnopoli. He went from a 3rd strin Canadian QB who everyone thpught shpuld get a better chance at playing QB and into a very good receiver with a skies the limit potential.

I think the real question is if the Stamps protect both Cornish and Walter. If not, Walters is gone for sure. They may have elected to leave a couple surprises open in the 1st round and left him open.

Cornish, Walter, Arthur, Gott, Jones, D'Aguilar, Phillips, Maver and Paredes are front runners for 1st round protection.

Wilson and Sinopoli fringe players, but Sinopoli just gives too many options to sacrifice

I am guessing Cornish, Arthur, Gott, Jones, Sinopoli and Paredes got 1st round protection, and Wilson gets picked up. Arthur is a FA, so he may be kept off the protection list as well, and a OLman added.

Forzani likely gets left unprotected because he is a huge question mark, plus he is a FA. Bauman may fall into the same boat with injury

I could see Calagary leaving maver unprotected with the specualtion that a Calagary QB will be taken meaning that a kicker or punter would then be automatically off the board. In essence that would give Calagary an aditional 3 canadians protected. Paredes will be protected cannot take that chance with him but Maver could.
It appears that FA will not be protected so probably a great chance that Walter will be protected at least as one of the additional 2 if QB Glenn is selected.

Also if Glenn is selected Ottawa will need someone to protect him so Wilson may have to be sacrificed by Calagary. Wilson also is still young with a lot of playing and starting experience including at LT. Although he may not start off as a starting LT for Ottawa, starting at LG with ptential to move out on the edge as he gets more experience would be huge for Ottawa in the future.

Ottawa starting with a basic Canadian line up of Center, 2 OG, 2 rec, DT, and safety would most likley be the best way to get a solid starting Oline in place. Good scouting of potential Import OTs will be very important. They, Import OTs, are out there and some very good and dying to find security of one orginization as well as a chance to start.
Fulton SASK 4 years NFL PR one in UFL is a great example.
Washington Toronto NFL Black balled young talented
SirVincent Rogers injuries in College and early in pro career.
Jarvis Jones Winnipeg. Mid season pick up. lost in the shuffle between tranfering from LSU to Oklahoma and not having great pro day numbers etc. Stepped right in and was excellent at both LT and mostly RT.

I can't see them taking Tate, because it is fairly well known players do not like him, which makes it pretty difficult to be a leader (he has some pretty ummm less than flattering nicknames in the locker room, but I am not going to repeat those in the forum). Bo-Levi....perhaps, but I believe he will be protected over Tate, and I think Huff has kinda wiped his hands with Tate, his antics, and his perpetual injuries. If he isn't selected, I am sure he is also fine with that, but I just don't think he will protect him.

Also remember that the list of protected players is already submitted. if no QB is selected, and Maver is still there, he is as good as gone. The guy is money...IMO it is pretty foolish rolling dice on a guy like that. Sure, they might go after Glenn, but I tend to think they want a bit of a younger QB to build around.

look at the QBs potentially on the market:
Henry Burris (who I am not convinced Austin will re-sign)
Zach Collaros
Drew Willy
Matt Nichols
Josh Neiswander

If the RBs feel they can sign Burris, Collaros, maybe even Willy they don't need Glenn. heck, Nichols shows some promise as well. For me, I take a quality NI RB like Walter over aging Glenn or disliked Tate w/o hesitation. If Bo-Levi is available, I would then take him...young, learned under some great people (ie Dickenson), and seems to be the kind of player you can put forth as the face of your franchise, but again, I think he will be protected.

IMO there will be no QB drafted, unless it is either Tate or Mitchell...there are enough prospects on the market. Go for depth.

Draftin Glenn makes the most sense knowing that they will have him under contract. Even though Burris, Collaros, or Willy some may think would be better to have there is no guarentee that they can sign any of them. Glenn for all intensive purposes was th Stamps starting QB for the last two seasons and led them to two wetern finals, a Grey Cup and a league best record in 2013. So they could do a lot worse as their first starting QB.
I agree that Glenn is better off as a top back up like others do but in this case Ottawa should draft him.
Also assuring that they have a second QB under contract Demarco would be the next best QB pick of those who will be left unprotected. I do think Willy is better but no assurance they can sign him.

I have a real hunch that Ottawa will leave the Calgary QBs alone and grab a Collaros or Willy (yes I know they are free agents) and then snag up Maver (there's no way Calgary leaves Paredes unprotected and they can't protect them both if a QB isnt' taken).

Of course the thing that throws a loop in that is that Campbell just came from Calgary, so he knows who Calgary wants going forward. He's got a bit of inside information. If he really likes Tate or Glenn, they'll be taken for sure.

ALL of the Stamps QBs are under contract, not just Glenn.

[url=] ... gents-list[/url]

I have no idea when they extended them, but they apparently have. I know this was Glenn's final year of contract coming into the season for sure.
I guess they need to make the decision of if they are going to go with a guy they are building around as the face of the franchise or a guy that will be winding down his career as they are likely becoming contenders. Personally, I would choose option A.

Who Knows the Als may shock everyone and not take Glenn and roll the dice that they can sign one of the free agents Callaros or Willy. Maybe even draft them to have exclusive negotiating rights to sign them before Free Agency starts and go against the expectation that they will not draft any FAs.

Even possible that Calgary protects Glenn and puts the Ball in Ottawa's court on whther they may want to draft Tate or Mitchell.
Glenn would be the safe pick but does not mean they cannot go and roll the dice on acquiring one of the Callaros or Willy in Free Agency later on knowing that they have a capable QB in hand

All meaningless until the 16th.Then we’ll have something to talk about.

It is a chat is meant for banter, and let's face it, there is nothing bigger than this in the CFL for the next week or so.

I've listened to Jamie Nye, Suitor, Darrel Davis etc. They have convinced me that the RB's will choose players under contract. They won't look for FA's...........unless they feel it is a special circumstance to hold two months of talks with that player before FA hits? Maybe 1-3 but they need sure things at training camp.

They will take one of 3 Calgary QB's. I don't know which one?

Glenn gets them stability for the short term. A experience guy with one, maybe 2 season left............they'd have 2 years to work on a successor.

Bo Levi gets them a fresh young gun they can run with for years.

Despite other opinion here.........I'd guess Calgary protects Tate. My 2nd guess would be Bo Levi. Its been mentioned, Rick Campbell knoiws the three. Since he knows more about these guys I think it is a safe assumption he looks at one of those 3!

I don't think RB's touch Collaros or Willy. They will choose two guys under contract. Then in February they will battle with other clubs to sign one or 2 more (mainly the bombers). This is where Collaros and Willy come in.

Toronto's 3rd stringer was not bad either. It'll be interesting but I expect Bo levi, DeMarco, Argos 3rd stringer, Lefouvour, Matt Nicholls to be the names bantered around for Ottawa.

Keep in mind everyone predicted Collaros would be a Bomber by now. Toronto gets something for a player they think they lose (either as FA or Ottawa). Bombers get a gut under centre...............this didn't happen? They are reasons this didn't happen.

Collaros and Willy wait one month and their stock goes up. Everyone will know a lot more as of Friday? Until then keep guessing.

And how about the coaching changes............a lot of teams need coordinators or assistants? Ottawa just took Gibson away from Huff. Now Huff needs a new O-line guy? Dominoes are falling. I am really curious if Kerry Joseph becomes a QB coach........will Marcus Crandell end up coaching again? Moves galore. I assume Popp is Montreal's HC but he has not said so yet?

Ottawa won’t take any free agents ,thats why the riders signed bagg whom Ottawa will then draft ,no way the riders are protecting Bagg unless a kicker gets drafted in the first round then they can add two more non imports to the protected list

I agree. They also singed Picard to an extension. The Riders are trying to steer Ottawa to these guys and away from a younger guy like Hurl who they may also not be able to protect with the first 6.

Labatte, Watman, Best, Heenan, Getzlaf, and Foley get protected is my guess. If Butler tests the free agent waters Hurl could be the future at Will LB or at least part of an important passing package on defense.

Butler actually said that he wants to stay on in Saskatchewan, and has no desire to get back East at this point in his career.

unfortunately foley won't be protected , the riders can only protect so many players
He will be a REDBLACK next season

I protect Labatte, Watman, Best and Heenan. Sholy and Getz.

Why not Foley? I would love to. He grew on me this year. I wish I could but at 31 I think we need need Sholy more, he's 28.

Why not Picard? I think some cap space needs to move here. Labatte is paid well, Best is paid well and likely commands more after 2014, Heenan will need more after 2014. Something just has to give here.

I just can't see us letting Watman go. The only reason I think they don't protect Watman is all he really has going is his 1st round pick status, and reams of video from US college? Maybe they gamble because the RB's need to pluck some proven Cdn lineman? I don't know on this one. But the age and salary on Picard has me thinking they protect Watman to slide in at centre. Or the coaches have coached the kid for a year and aren't high on him anymore? Shomari Williams comes to mind.......we traded to get him 1st overall (bust).

Geez I wish I had room to protect Milo.......he might be the Cdn we lose? I could see this. After our top six, the RB's likely have Foley, Milo, Picard/Watman, Hurl. Bad news for us they are going to get a good Canadian. It depends on what they pluck from everyone else.