REDBLACKS part ways w/ OC Khari Jones

OTTAWA — The Ottawa REDBLACKS announced on Friday morning that the team has parted ways with assistant head coach and offensive coordinator Khari Jones.

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So Khari Jones is the new “Fall Guy” :joy: The Ottawa Redblacks should have fired the Head coach-Bob Dyce in my humble opinion ! Who’s next ? :upside_down_face:
George Brancato-died at 88


I must admit that I’m surprised at this dismissal/separation, but it’s a tough business.

I’ll never forget an interview I read with him while he was coaching the Als, and he came off as a very positive and impressive individual.

I was happy to see him catch on with Hamilton and then Ottawa.

It’s a tough business.

I hope he can land again soon somewhere and get another chance, if he wants it.

Also, just like in my own life, if he has to look himself in the mirror and come to grips with some issues where he needs to show improvement, now is a perfect time to face those obstacles and work them out to be an even better individual than he already is:)

Good luck Khari, I’ll never forget the 2019 season when you coached the Als. You were a breath of fresh air in all that chaos.

Just watch…Orlando Steinauer will be gone from Hamilton and Khari will be hired. I wouldnt be suprised at all

The Saskatchewan Roughriders will be looking for a new head coach. Khari might just end up in Regina.

Right - blame a horrible season on the assistant coach. This will no doubt fix Ottawa’s problem.