RedBlacks Parade

I didn't see a thread on this or anyone talk about it, but I heard the Redblacks Grey Cup parade that went through downtown Ottawa had over 40,000 attend it! That seems unbelievable! Great fan base brewing there! Congrats to the Redblacks again on the Grey Cup. With a few more of those you might be expanding that stadium a little! :thup:

I just spoke to a business associate in Ottawa this afternoon.
He was at the parade, said it was awesome and the numbers mentioned was in excess of 125K.
Also how people already are snapping up next year GC tickets.

Over 125 thousand??? That's ridiculous! I wish you had a link or something more concrete. I only said over 40,000 because I saw it in an article somewhere.

I am just telling you what he told me.

Ottawa Police estimated the crowd over 40,000. Still a great number for a young fan base. It's an amazing atmosphere in Ottawa hopefully it continues.

40,000 at the rally but many more lined the parade route.

Plenty of videos from the parade here:

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There were about 75k combined within the route. About 40k that was around Landsdowne.

Really awesome to see. Ottawa should be rockin' for next years game. Can't wait!

I had to work :frowning: but Redblacksgirl, Joeyfootball and Leorocks went :rockin:

That's it. The combined number I heard is 75,000.

Sounds a little inflated though. 40,000 I can see.

And the team was blown away by it. One guy, on social media, said his estimate was off by about 35,000.

Unless he expected 75,000 at the rally. :lol: