Redblacks on the rise?

Bob Dyce will be a better coach than the dear departed Lapo and his staff looks great on paper. The only real weakness I can see is at running back and maybe a deep receiver who can hang onto the long throws that Masoli is capable of. I would think that a second running quality running back is a serious need .


On paper, they look better. But I thought that heading into 2022 as well.

But the optimistic vibe seems to be coming from the whole team and staff, so I do think they'll be much improved this year . . . barring injury of course.

I believe they are. Having seen almost every home game since their reinstatement, even as an Als fan, I have to admit they have more pieces of the puzzle than they have in a while. I hope they do well.
Except against Montreal, of course

There was a definite change in enthusiasm and quality of play after Lapo departed last year.

Even Arbuckle went from looking uninspired and going through the motions one week to playing hard for the win the next. Don't know what was going on under Lapo's regime but there looked to be a big change in enthusiasm after he left.

Dyce has done the right thing and pulled together a full staff without overloading himself with a co-ordinator position in addition to head coach and I like that. I think we should be past the "we can pay you ore if you take on two coaching positions" thing in the CFL and realize more coaching=better play.


With Lapo gone, I think the Redblacks will undoubtedly improve.

Lapolice may be a decent x's and o's type of guy, but he's no leader. There's a reason Winnipeg and Ottawa declined with him as the Head Coach. Not that everything was his fault, but it's pretty clear that the mood in Ottawa changed when Lapo was relieved of his duties.

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You guys will be fine at halfback, especially if you go Canadian.

Nice move by the Redblacks to re-sign Davon Coleman who was one of the better free agents left imo and gives them one more veteran guy. National eligible status is a bonus.

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Majority of games were very close last year
It was worth betting on them as they covered the spread week after week


IMO - the RedBlacks look quite good ... on paper.

A lot will depend on the possible resurgence of Masoli to his previous best CFL form AND, more importantly, the coaching smarts of Bob Dyce and his new staff.

I could see them fighting for 1st in the iffy CFL East, to basement dwellers again; hoping on the former; would probably bet on it.

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Solid #2 QB in Nick Arbuckle as well.

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Having Arbuckle as a #2 is definitely reassuring.


Because he is a good #2 or just thankful he isn’t #1?

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Neither really. He’s proven himself as a starter so if Masoli goes down, he should be ready.


So Masoli is wearing a knee brace on his right knee … almost a full year since his injury last season. That doesn’t fill me with a lot of optimism.

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Predictable precaution to make sure the healing knee doesn’t get strained; could also play with a lighter brace if need be.

Yes, of course he’s going to wear a brace in practice if he’s smart.
If it doesn’t bother him he could wear it in a game, it gives a player more stability.

You guys are making me nervous however the addition of Addison should give Masoli more grade A targets if his knee does hold up. Few QB’s make it through a whole season in any event. If we get say twelve games out of him that would be great.

and to think Marino wasn’t suspended from the league for that hit. :woman_facepalming:


Hope you’re right

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