Redblacks OC Jaime Elizondo resigns, plans to take XFL job

Less than two months before the CFL season is set to begin, Jaime Elizondo is dropping the Redblacks to join former CFL coach Marc Trestman with the XFL’s Tampa Bay franchise.
A departure at the end of March leaves the Redblacks with not a lot of time to find a replacement for a position that needs to be as detailed as the offensive co-ordinator job.
But don’t cry for Ottawa too hard. The Redblacks made their bed and now have to live with the consequences. They didn’t exactly give Elizondo any reason to remain loyal when they blocked the veteran coach from interviewing for the Roughriders’ head-coaching position.
It was a decision that rubbed Elizondo the wrong way — and why would he stay if Trestman came to him with more money and a job closer to home?
The timing was perfect as it was April Fool’s Day that wefound outthe Ottawa Redblacks got played by their offensive co-ordinator Jaime Elizondo.
And they deserved it.

I’m right there with you, it grew tiring years ago, and I think Lyle’s the only one who thinks it’s funny or something. I find it disrespectful.

I guess Elizondo was looking only for a temporary job. XFL will be gone in a year.

My guess is they can and the league should put something in the CBA, that any player or coach that breaks his CFL contract without written consent from his team may not be employed in the league again unless he pays a 2 million dollar fine.

Come on now, don’t take this away from him. This is the only football forum in the country where he is allowed to post.

I think that tells you a lot right there. I’ve happily seen him get banned from 4 sites - here previously, ourbombers, morningbigblue, and riderfans. His schtick got old years ago.

Good luck with that one.

completely killed the Bomber forum

To join Trestman and Elizondo

Yes, him and his sidekick joe. . . I don’t visit that forum nearly as much as I used to (sorry papa).

Easy MadJack.

What part of CFL fan do you not get?

So much for hiring Canadians for CFL jobs because they are less likely to jump to an American job.

(We do not yet have sufficient data to make generalizations about female Canadian lawyers with minimal football background.)

Revive “Player/Coach”: Kevin Glenn.

Being a CFL fan does not automatically mean that I have to appreciate and enjoy every post made by every other poster. Some I like, some I don’t. Some like me, some don’t. That’s life.

That one’s not too sharp.

She seems to be an odd one.
A lawyer working as basically an unpaid intern is then hired by Als in a real job, then quits goes to Argos, lasts for a year quits then goes to XFL just before CFL TC.

Yup, and no loss for the Argos IMO as John Murphy can easily take on the Admin side (as he has done in the past). I’m actually surprised Murphy’s only title is Director of Player Personnel, should be Asst. GM as well IMO.

The search is on . Maybe a blessing in disguise .

Dunigan if he would leave the booth for a year or some other guy who has some coaching on their resume would be a good bandaid until they get a proven OC long term . I think Burris would actually be a good choice for a year as well or more as QB coach .

Marcel Bellefeuille would be my first choice and might end up being more than just a stop gap . He is not that far away in Kingston .

Marcel Bellefeuille could end up in the XFL as well because he is currently a RB coach in the Spring League.That league has games the next 2 weekends and are testing out the reimagined rules of the XFL. So if Bellefeuille does a decent coaching job there, he might get consideration for a position in the new league.

From what I can tell, the changes they will be testing include a running clock, 4 timeouts total per team, 30-second play clock, and a dedicated official for spotting the ball.

I do not believe they will use any sort of waggle (XFL allowed 1 offensive playing moving forward prior to the snap). The idea of using a1 yard neutral zonewhich was considered a few months agolooks like it failed to make the cut.

Thats too bad I would like to see XFL push the boundaries in change to see what works .