Redblacks OC Jaime Elizondo resigns, plans to take XFL job

No QB now no OC. Train wreck!! Maybe Hank will take both jobs?

Not sure how smart it is to leave the CFL for the XFL, but I’m not sorry to see him go as I loathe the high percentage offense that Trestman, Elizondo, McAdoo, and Jackson run. Looks good on the Blackreds as well since they wouldn’t allow him to interview for the Riders job (not the first time they’ve deny someone an interview as well).

Since Jaime Elizondo was once a member of Marc Trestman’s staff in Montreal, it does make sense they they would be reunited in the XFL. Dave Naylor believes salary could be a factor in Elizondo leaving.

I do wonder if the XFL’s rules will be somewhat similar to the CFL because one would think Trestman could have chosen somebody wtih more recent experience in American-style football. The Spring League will be testing whatever the XFL considers as being reimagined this week when they began play, so we should know soon enough.

“I feel kind of duped,? said (Rick) Campbell. “No one called to say, ‘Can we talk to your coach?’ ?

“He had been meeting with our offensive staff so there was nothing to say he was going to leave,? said Campbell. “It’s not typical for people to do it this way, at least not when it’s not for a family reason, especially when we’re six weeks from training camp.?

Gee, I wonder why his coach might elect to blindside him with this…hmm…

you get what you give Rick

Being a Cats fan all I have to say is " gee that’s a damn shame" ;D

Starting QB - Gone
1000 Yd RB - Gone
Two 1000 Yd WR’s - Gone
Starting LT - Gone
Starting RT - Gone
O Coordinator - Gone

Wonder if they can lure Magic Danny (Macocia) to Ottawa on a 2 yr deal?

After that:
Request to interview

Porky LaPolice
Buck Pierce
Darian Durant
Hank “Snow” Burris

Gets pretty thin after them guys!!!

Mike “Maggot” Kelly is frantically trying to find a provider to activate his long-dead cellphone - and make the call to Ricky Campbell, laying down his plush fake resume and forged letter of reference from Lyle Bauer.

Last photo of Kelly from a Pennsylvania police blotter, circa 2009!

Can not see Maciocia leaving his gig with the U de M to work with Campbell.

He is probably waiting to see what happens with the Als.

Don’t see how the bombers can allow an interview for a lateral move at this stage. A promotion, maybe, but they already said no a few months ago

Well there`s Marcel Bellefeuille who was rumored to become the Argos offensive co-ordinator, but beaten out by Chapdelaine. Yeah I know.

But he is from Ottawa. :slight_smile:

Maciocia! You really don’t like the Redblacks! What, no nickname for Pierce and Durant? :slight_smile:

If Porky Campbell & Marcel D. looked hard enough they may be able to find ex-Bomber OC, Gary “Glitter” Crowton on a park bench somewhere in the north-east . . . .

Hang on there… This is the second time the POS does this to a CFL team, this has nothing to do with Campbell. I pointed that out when he was allowed back in the league.

He’s from the Trestman/Milanovich coaching tree…

I don’t understand how this can happen. Is the XFL not honoring CFL contracts? Can players quit and go sign in XFL also?

I guess I am not the only one who finds that poster’s obsessive/compulsive need to make up his own silly nicknames for almost everyone associated with the CFL really, really tiresome.

There is zero binding them to the CFL. They can simply retire. Chances are that players would have their contract recognized by the XFL. technically, he is not coaching this year…it is next year…and I believe he is off contract by then anyways. We’ve seen several NHL players do this with the KHL mid contract

I’m sure there is zero link between the blocking and this ::slight_smile:

Bad news for the Redblacks. Hard to see any of the other eight franchises permitting anyone to interview at this late a stage unless it’s a lower end positional coach. The pickings will be slim for an important position, even more important with the change at QB.

Bit surprising to see that it’s Trestman that’s basically at the root of all this. For all of his preaching about family and him being a thoughtful and considerate coach, this to me really stains his reputation. Something about the leopard showing his true spots… Not to mention it will make it harder for him to find a job back in the CFL, a league that was instrumental to boosting his career so he could finally get a shot as a NFL head coach, once the XFL folds yet again.

As long as we are dependent only hiring American coaches this will occur.

And yes Trestman is a hollow figure.