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Arash Madani
December 5, 2013, 12:46 PM

RedBlacks to name Campbell inaugural coach
The Ottawa RedBlacks are going with a rookie head coach in their rookie season. has learned Rick Campbell, the Calgary Stampeders defensive coordinator, will be the inaugural head coach of the CFL’s expansion franchise in the nation’s capital.

Campbell came to terms with the RedBlacks on Wednesday and an official announcement will likely come Friday by the organization.

Ottawa is returning to the Canadian Football League for a third time, and will play in the 2014 schedule.

Campbell has coached in the CFL since 1999, but has always been an assistant. Besides working 2009 in Winnipeg under Mike Kelly, he’s gone back and forth between the Stampeders and Edmonton Eskimos.

The RedBlacks job has been one of the most coveted in league circles all year. Coaches have talked about the opportunity to run a franchise from its infancy and there were no shortage of candidates who were in the conversation about becoming Ottawa’s head coach.

Paul LaPolice, formerly of the Winnipeg Blue Bombers, was a runner-up for the job. Also in the mix were former CFL head coaches Greg Marshall (Saskatchewan), Doug Berry (Winnipeg), Marcel Bellefeuille (Hamilton), and while sources told Sportsnet that one-time Edmonton Eskimos coach Danny Maciocia interviewed for the position, Maciocia, through a Carabins spokesman, insisted he was not interested in leaving his post running the University of Montreal football program.

Campbell’s background has primarily been on the defensive side of the football, and on special teams. He was mentioned as a frontrunner for the Eskimos head coaching position this off-season, a job that ultimately went to Chris Jones, whom he succeeded as defensive coordinator in Calgary.

With Campbell secured as coach, the RedBlacks focus now becomes putting together a roster. The eight other teams in the league must submit a protected list of players by Dec. 9, a week before the league holds an expansion draft. Incredibly, the CFL is keeping those protected lists confidential to “protect the integrity of the game,? according to commissioner Mark Cohon.

Under Campbell, the Stampeders had three defensive league all-stars in 2012 and Charleston Hughes was a unanimous selection this year.

I like this choice! Solid experience. A Grey Cup winner.

Grey Cup winner? In what capacity? As far as I know, he's never won a Grey Cup as a coordinator.

I think it is interesting that Sportsnet broke the story.
Since when did sportsnet begin breaking CFL news?

Sportsnet's web coverage of the CFL is better than people give it credit for, honestly.

Nice to see so many guys getting a chance as head coaches, instead of just recycling the same guys around the league.

Interesting choice. He has the pedigree being Hugh Campbell's son. Can he get some of the veteran HC coaches out there like LaPolice, Berry or Bellefeuille to work under him as OC's or DC's.
Hope this doesn't mean Marcel is going to try and Coach from the press box.

Maybe Rick will turn out to be an Icon like his father before it's all said and done. Hope it works out for him and the CFL. Makes me think a present Calgary QB (Tate ?) will be the starting QB next June.

Or was it the CBC?

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Sportsnet broke the story about 2 hrs before cbc at 12:46


Can we agree as a forum to never do the stupid "REDBLACKS" in all caps thing?


I suggest Red-Blacks (with the hyphen), Red Blacks (with a space), or Redblacks (no hyphen, no space, no mid-word capital letter). I prefer the hyphenated Red-Blacks.

I thought Campbell would end up in Edmonton if anywhere.

I could not agree more.

This should be a sticky.

NO, that's their name REDBLACKS - It's like saying let's stop using the hypen in Tiger-Cats or let's stop using the Roughriders as one word. IT'S THE TEAM NAME - REDBLACKS

I vote for just calling them the Checker-Boards :lol: :slight_smile:

Yes, we all know it's their official name.

It's just that many of us think it's stupid.

Nothing stupid about hyphenating Tiger-Cats; nothing stupid about Roughriders being all one word.

RedBlacks in all capitals, all the time?

That's stupid.

(as is the name RedBlacks in the first place, capitals or not, but that ship has sailed).


:) :roll: :wink:

The name of the team is all caps REDBLACKS so why not call them their proper name? So many of you think its a stupid name and you are not going to show respect and call them by their proper name?
Get over it!

The name of the team is actually Rouge et Noir, get use to it.

To the people still whining about the name (and especially Ottawa people doing it), you are not funny, not cool, and not relevant. :roll:

It's the name, it was the owner's preference AND WE SHOULD BE SO LUCKY WE HAVE A SOLID OWNER LIKE JEFF HUNT.

No the name is not my first preference, but give the man a break, HE IS BRINGING US WHAT WE WANT; why look a gift horse in the mouth?

It's fickle, weak fans like yourselves that let the last two teams leave in the first place.

It's an awful name with racist connotations. I will not say it, and will not use it when referring to the Ottawa CFL franchise. I'd have been fine with the Ottawa Red & Black, but not the RedBlacks. Won't stop me from hoping Ottawa succeeds this time around, though.