REDBLACKS name Joe Paopao running backs coach

I like this

but an ex QB as RB coach?

Still have to find an offensive coordinator

Haven’t most players played several positions by the time they get to the pros? Maybe he was running back early on.

This is good news

Joe has not much success lately but I am sure in a pinch he could do the OC work .

Joe might be one of those guys who needs a good horse .

He was liked in Ottawa .

Joe Pao Pao played quarterback against Hugh Campbell’s Eskimos back in the day. He understands the CFL with a depth of perspective. He will be a figurehead and an old-time consultant more than a hands-on coach.

He was, indeed, revered in Ottawa when he stewarded the Renegades. He did possess a “who hasn’t played yet?” mentality more suited to minor than professional football, but he is a career nice guy.

Has paid his dues and will command respect. As he said once with the Renegades, “If you’re not changing, you’re not growing.” Whatever that meant.

If only he’d used Pat Woodcock on kick returns!!! Ah, Joe.

Best of luck.

…and aloha!

Paopao was around to usher in Kerry Joseph QB .

Good memory, Hank 01.

Kerry Joseph was the bomb.

What a great project as he was a DB in the NFL and played QB here at a later age .

He was the bomb and had those great legs I always remember that big come back game I think it was July 1st against the Als .

The transition was pretty good as he went onto even a better performance in Regina with mop and Grey Cup .

Good for Joe. I had lost track of him. Even though his title is RB coach he has been a OC several times, so can assist Winston October in game planning etc.

Methinks you never watched CFL back when he played. Only thing slower and ungraceful to compare him to would be todays’ Nichols, IMO.

Then it’s a good thing he won’t be stepping in to personally carry the ball. :expressionless:

I remember him about as well as anybody else does. Besides, lots of running backs aren’t speed burners, because that’s not really their role, as blocking is also very important. Who’s to say he didn’t play as a boy on teams where he would play several positions? This guy’s been around football most of his life. Surely he knows a thing or two about what it takes to be a successful running back by now.

RB coach is his reentry after a fairly long break from the CFL imo. He’s been coaching in Canadian Uni ball for a 8-10 years until recently. Dickenson, Buck Pierce and other QBs were also RB coaches.
An ex QB is the perfect RB coach imo. In todays CFL the most important thing a RB does is to know how to protect the QB and to read the OL.
Ottawa will definitely need to focus on QB protection given who the QBs will be this year. And certainly he can lend some expertise in the overall offense planning given the recent departures. I think he is a good addition here.

Pao Pao had John Henry White and the incomparable Larry Key in his backfield with the B.C. Lions, Cedric Minter when he was with Ottawa.

Joe is a legend, and an example of how Ottawa is able to "keep calm and carry on."Joe is one of the most experienced men still working in the CFL.

Who’s been around longer?

When he stands on the sidelines at TD Place, he will steal the spotlight from Rick Campbell.

That might be trouble; Campbell’s ego is his weakness.

Joe Pao Pao is revered in Ottawa.

Hmmm…you think Campbell has an ego problem? I’ve never seen any evidence of that. Can you show an example of that.

Has Ottawa named an OC yet? I thought I heard Winston October but he’s still listed as RC.

As a side note …Campbell and Noel Thorpe look like identical twins and Mark Nelson looks like Ted Danson on their coaching staff page.

Joe Pao Pao is a good hire for the RB’s

If you give Rick Campbell unlimited challenge flags, he will throwone after every play.