RedBlacks Name Campbell HC

8) Arash Madani of Sportsnet is reporting that the Ottawa RedBlacks have hired Rick Campbell as their inaugural Head Coach.
  Campbell  was the DC of Calgary this past season.  He has always been a Def. coach.

   Apparently Ottawa and Campbell came to terms yesterday, and an official announcement will be made Friday.
    This will be Campbell's first HC job in the CFL.

    Runner up for the job was Paul LaPolice.

    So Ottawa also has chosen to hire a rookie HC.  !!

Good choice. According to his bio he's been around a long time.

Now 3 Canadians HC's in the league, and 3 first time HC's.

Very surprising (to say the least).

You/I would think (and do) that they would need and look for some experience … at least in their inaugural season.

That’s still very likely.

He's Hugh Campbell's son.....he only needs 5 straight Grey Cups to measure up to the ole man.

Seems like a risky hire for an expansion team.

I’m amazed they didn’t go with Paul LaPolice.

Amazed? No. Surprised? Yes.

Given the various D/Cs who have flopped as head coaches (Richie Hall, Greg Marshall, Rich Stubler, Garry Etcheverry, Kavis Reed, Tim Burke), I am surprised that teams keep picking D/Cs to be head coach (Jones in Edmonton, and now Campbell in Ottawa).

After Oshea and his thin resume got hired I dont see how anyone can be surprised.

O'Shea has multiple Grey Cup rings, as a player and as a coordinator; I wouldn't necessarily call that 'thin'.

For actual, hands on coaching it most certainly is thin. The jump to HC, bypassing A DC job, is huge.

Marcel B must think he's been blackballed. A guy with actual head caoching experience cant get hired.

Unless im wrong I believe he only has one as a coordinator and I dont care how many you have as a player that has nothing to do with coaching.

Every team has THREE coordinators; offense, defence, and special teams. O'Shea has been a coordinator for several years (ST), so it's only one step up. I think you have to rank the D/C, the O/C and the ST/C as equals.

AS ST coaches do not afford the same level of credibility or prestige as DC/OCs in pro football I would disagree. ST coaches, whilst important are farther down the food chain.

I agree with you. I don't see what the reason is to slight Special Teams Coordinators. Still have to scheme, still have to bring out the best in players. In fact, you often have to get the most out of less-talented players performing a job that isn't glamorous at all.

John Harbaugh is one of the best head coaches in the NFL, and he has never coordinated an offense or defense. Only special teams. Of course, that's in a different league, but some could argue there are more details/nuances, and perhaps more importance, to ST's in the Canadian game than there are in the NFL.

We'll have to agree to disagree. Special Teams are 1/3 of the game, especially in the CFL. So I rank the three coordinators as being equal in importance.

As a player, O'Shea was effectively an on-field coach and in his playing position certainly gleaned most of a DC's knowledge and application at field-level.

Personally, I think he was a great choice for the HC job in Winnipeg. I'd even say his particular playing experience makes him a superior choice to the rumoured Campbell HC even though Campbell has more coordinator experience.

For actual, hands on coaching it most certainly is thin. The jump to HC, bypassing A DC job, is huge.
Didn't Pinball Clemons jump right from player to head coach in one season?

I agree with Dork. If ST coordinators were considered equal, you would see more of them being hired as HCs. I don't recall this ever happening before, and I can barely name any ST coordinators in the league. (of course, that's just me.)

That made me laugh for some reason.

The timing makes sense for Ottawa. The coach should have major input into the expansion draft. Also he'll need to hire coordinators, etc before they're all spoken for. If he raids Calgary's cupboard they could end up getting stung quite a bit by the whole Redblacks thing. They're already very likely to lose a top-caliber QB.