REDBLACKS name Bob Dyce head coach

OTTAWA — With two Grey Cup appearances and a championship under his belt in the nation’s capital, Bob Dyce was officially named the third Head Coach in Ottawa REDBLACKS franchise history on Friday.

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Congratulations and good luck.

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Must have seen a real change in players buy in

when he had taken over .

Dyce deserves the chance to get er done next year .


Long time for his shot. Well deserved. Wish him the best of luck. I think he'll do well. Highly respected. :sunglasses:


Well, I certainly am happy for Bob Dyce. Hopefully his success will be better than his previous go arounds. Going to be hard though. If Masoli can come back, that should help him big time.

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Hopefully he gets some time to make the team his own. Not like his other turns. I'm going to be rooting for him.

Good move by the Redblacks. LaPolice had all the luck against him, 4 close losses to start and losing his quarterback meant the season was virtually a write off by early August. With Masoli back and a free agent or two Dyce may make Ottawa a solid team again. I hope he succeeds.

I was hoping that he would have gotten the chance to be the head coach for the Roughriders back then, so this is great. I wish him all the best (when they're not playing the Lions).