REDBLACKS nab second OT win in back-and-forth against Stampeders

CALGARY – In a battle of two teams trying to get back to .500, the Ottawa REDBLACKS came out on top.

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There have been some really exciting games so far this year and this was another one. Nice to see the eastern teams more than holding their own against the west. Argos/Riders should be a good one next weekend and Als/Stamps too. Can Crum make it 3 in a row against the Cats? Great weekend shaping up.


Redblack are ot merchant.

Just kidding gg Ottawa

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Through away experience, dusting away the past, the drum now beats for all to awaken for quarterback Crum. :drum: :drum:

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Excellent game to watch and I know four other teams that would agree with this being a great outcome overall.

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Just kick the extra points
Kick the field goal instead of the fake
Brutal again davey
But the 4 turnovers killed the stamps
Have a hard time seeing them win a game until Labour Day

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Looks like the West may have more weak sisters than the East. West 4-6 vs East. Riders play 1st game vs East this week in Toronto, Stamps visit Mtl. Have a hard time believing either club is good enough to win those games. :sunglasses:

The 450 yards passing by Calgary with some beauty touchdowns was impressive. Hard to believe the Stamps lost in this fairytale-like contest.

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They are playing the als next. Als while they looked great against the Argos have a tendency to mess up games they should easily win better than anyone.