RedBlacks make official bid for 2017 Grey Cup

RedBlacks make official bid for 2017 Grey Cup

Ottawa’s bid for the 2017 Grey Cup game has been submitted, and the Canadian Football League board of governors is expected to discuss the issue at meetings later this month.

“It’s really a matter of us being able to demonstrate that we are able to put on a good Grey Cup and that we satisfy the rest of the league governors that we can do it. We certainly want it,? Bernie Ashe, chief executive officer of Redblacks franchise owner Ottawa Sports & Entertainment Group, said Monday.

Under terms of the expansion agreement between OSEG and the CFL, a Grey Cup championship game is to be conducted at TD Place within the first four seasons of the franchise, and the Redblacks’ fourth season will be 2017.
However, winning the go-ahead to play host to the contest and the weeklong festival leading up to it is not automatic, and the league usually only announces one year at a time.

The 2016 Grey Cup will take place in Toronto. The Redblacks lost the 2015 final to the Edmonton Eskimos at Investors Group Field in Winnipeg, while the Calgary Stampeders held off the Hamilton Tiger-Cats to claim the title at B.C. Place in Vancouver in 2014.

During an appearance in Ottawa in October, commissioner Jeffrey Orridge said only that the city would have another Grey Cup “in good time.? Jeff Hunt, an OSEG partner and president of its sports division, said that a bid had not yet been submitted.

Hunt and OSEG partners Roger Greenberg and John Ruddy are the Redblacks’ representatives to the CFL board.

Any bid for the first Grey Cup game in Ottawa since 2004 would involve a business plan built on temporary seating to increase TD Place stadium capacity to somewhere closer to 40,000 from its current figure of 24,000.
“We have made it very clear we want to do it in 2017, so all roads are leading to 2017 as the right time,? Ashe said.

The national capital will be host to several major sports competitions as part of celebrations of the 150th anniversary of Confederation, including: Canadian Olympic curling team trials; Canadian championships in track and field, road cycling and canoe/kayak; an LPGA Tour golf championship. The city and the Ottawa Senators are also hoping to hold an outdoor National Hockey League game.

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They will need to fit 16,000 temporary seats and bank them high up in the one end zone it will be interesting how they fit it in as the old set up had two wide open end zones . The west one I think will be shorter and compact .

I hope they use the opportunity to fine tune the stadium and balance the set up maybe add a few permanent end zone seats in the east end not too many just the right amount maybe a thousand no more it could only add to the current atmosphere . Maybe a second screen in the East so I don't crank my neck so far to view the screen .

Sounds good to me. :thup:

Can’t wait. Expanding to Ottawa has brought a lot of excitement and variety to the league. Hosting a Grey Cup is a natural extension of that, IMO.

16,000 at one end?? that’s going to be impossible. When you think that the North Side right now has 12,000 seats and the South Side roughly the same. The North and South side stretches for 120 yards, the end zone only stretches for half that. That would mean more seats in one end zone than either the North or South side stands, I can’t imagine that.
I was at the 2004 Grey Cup and each end zone had 10k temp stands and they were Huge.

the Ottawa 'bid' is just a procedural formality as the 2017 Grey Cup is already rubber stamped.
(2017 is year 4 for the RB's franchise)

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Expansion agreement between OSEG & #CFL has Grey Cup game 2 B at TD Place within 1st 4 seasons of franchise - @HolderGord #CFL #RedBlacks

Don't be shocked if this Grey Cup week is a bit different with Canada's big birthday i could see some extra events added maybe even a extra day or 2.


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Ottawa will be host to several major sports competitions as part of celebrations of 150th anniversary of Confederation - @HolderGord #CFL

Yep I was at Grey Cup 2004 . There were was no massive condo at one end . I don't think 16,000 will be built at one end ; it will be much higher and wider in the non condo non scoreboard end . I think a shorter level and a less wide one in the west end and a higher and wider one in the east end is most likely IMO . They most likely will take advantage of the open end zone and not hurt the atmosphere in the west end zone nor hurt the view of their condo buyers . They can do great things with temporary seats but I will be sitting in my regular seasons seats so it won't be a decision I will have to make . It will be interesting to see how it works in the end as I am not a construction expert . As we have seen in Winnipeg maybe 40,000 is too big and asking high prices for end zone seats maybe a price point too far . They did have 50,000 in Ottawa before but the prices then were modest compared to today.

Hopefully it is not a windy day like 2004. Those temporary seats can rock a person to sleep when you're numb.

WPG had 36K sellout for their Grey Cup last year, the last ticket was sold 2 days before the game.
Looking at the BMO Stadium seating, I cannot see being able to shoehorn much more than
30K in for a Grey Cup, there is simply no room
THF in Hamilton looks to be expandable realistically to about 36K maybe a little more
TD Place in Ottawa is really about the same at 36K+

This 40K seating benchmark for the Grey Cup is just not realistic anymore
30K seating will be the new benchmark and the demand for tickets will be fierce.

The league must have an out in the event that the bid is totally putrid somehow, but…yeah. This was predictable from the time that the franchise was awarded.

1995 was worse. I was there. 40-70km/h in my face. :smiley:

If you look at the new seating chart for the Argos at BMO, there are no seats in the north end zone because there is no space at that end because of the Food Building. Not sure about the south end zone either, they have them existing seats and the walkway that links the east and west side. They are restricted by the new roof that will cover three sides of the stadium, the question is can they put temp seats above the walkway and below the new roof. You are right it could be restricted to around 30k for a Grey Cup.

TD Place with the restrictions at the Bank St end will probably restricted to around 34k - 36k
Hamilton could probably get 10k in the Cannon St end and maybe a few thousand at the other end.
Montreal will wait a few years until they get a new roof at the Big Owe.