REDBLACKS Major Announcement at 11:00 am

...HENRY!! :smiley:

Leroy :lol:

We're changing the name!

Marwan :lol:

Folding :twisted:

Don't think so!


New GM!

Hank was in Ottawa as a guest... Got the tour... :cowboy:

Training camp

gary lawless ?@garylawless · 14m Can confirm #bombers have been told Henry Burris has signed with Ottawa #bn hello Kevin Glenn

Hank signing is a surprise.

Shhhhhsh!!!! Listen,hear that??? It's everybody in the Peg jumping back on the Kevin Glenn bandwagon :lol:
Welcome back Kevin,we"re all sorry that we ran you out of town and said all those mean things about you :lol:

I doubt KG goes back to Winnipeg. He can veto any trade till the third week of the season.

The Bombers are certainly in a pickle now.

This is surprising as Glenn is already on board likely preventing Ottawa from matching anything close to Winnipeg's offer as the incumbent.
and to my knowledge, Burris has never worked directly with either Campbell or Gibson previously, which adds to the mystery.

interesting turn of events regardless...

Well if not Winnipeg,then where Hfx.......your Alouettes perhaps :slight_smile: :wink:

More likely the Bombers.

The way things are going there's going to be a lot of empty seats at IGF this year.

I think they will hang on to Kevin until they get an offer they like and can help their ball club. Not all teams will be successful at the QB position. Marcel says there is zero issue with having these two QB’s on the payroll…

Reminds me when Marcel signed Casey Printers when he was GM in Winnipeg. Casey was a bust and so was Marcel.

Henry won't have the top players in Ottawa that he had in Hamilton and Calgary.