REDBLACKS Major Announcement at 11:00 am

...HENRY!! :smiley:

REDBLACKS uniforms?


Peut etre...Mais je pense que le ROUGE ET NOIR on signe Henry Burris...

C'est Henri

gary lawless ?@garylawless · 14m Can confirm #bombers have been told Henry Burris has signed with Ottawa #bn hello Kevin Glenn

Quite a surprise. I was positive that he would sign with Winnipeg.


I have reservations about this one... :expressionless:

Well right now Marcel was very upfront that he's pleased with his 3 QB and they plan to add another.

I would agree. It seems like they were ready with Glenn going and may have switched directions when Burris became available.
I do like the aggressive move, you can never have enough good QBs. I really do not think that they were confident with Demarco as the #2

Yeah really weird. Their two QB's have a combined 24 wins last season. No not Renegade weird is right.

Also with the signing of Burris ,there are a few pluses:

  1. he's reunited with Marwan Hage, Delahunt and Chevon Walker
  2. Before Hamilton he spent much of his career in Calgary so he's quite familiar with Campbell and the rest of the staff brought here.

I like the move just on the aggressiveness of it. If the move somehow makes your team just a little bit better than I'm all for it.

And should Chris Williams get cut and who do you think has an edge in getting him :wink:

Well, it makes it deeper, anyway.

I saw the comment about Burris being the new starting QB, however later they mention competition with Glenn, which is more along the lines of what I want to hear. I wouldn't have been crazy about the handing the keys over to burris just like that.

I guess Burris'll be at the event tomorrow!

I can't see a QB competition between these two successful veteran QBs. Ottawa knows what they have in both of them and signing Burris should mean the starting job coming out of training camp.
Now if Gelnn does stick around and not get traded and Burris' age catches up and he falters then Glenn will be there to pick up the pieces.

Desjardins and Hunt aren't fooling around. Glenn was a good pick for the expansion draft, but when a QB of Henry's stature becomes available you have to grab him if you can. This is Pro Football so they can't worry about hurting Kevin Glenn's feelings, you try and find the best you can at all positions. A good one two punch if they keep both.

That is exactly what happend they had a good situation with Glenn and a Better one with Burris.
Campbell and the former Calgary staffers know him so they wanted him.
Burris also a much more popular face of the expansion franchise.
Just rolling up his career stats, two 5,000 yard seasons without missing a game
And a trip to the GC last year.

I don't follow the rest of the league as closely, so this is where I tend to "suffer" from it somewhat.

I'm not saying either of you is wrong, but I don't perceive Burris as being such a significant upgrade on Glenn. Evidently most people do.

It's not so much a concern about "feelings" but about creating a difficult situation unnecessarily. If Glenn no longer wants to be here as a result of this move, you can always get rid of him. Then you hitch your wagon to a 39-year old and Demarco? Doesn't that sound a little precarious?

Or you can force Glenn to stick around. He may be content with that for a while, but I would think someone who's been a starter for so long would want to continue playing and therefore would bail at the earliest opportunity.

I'm not predicting a huge chaotic situation here, but I can see a number of scenarios where this becomes complicated.

Hope it doesn't turn out like Joseph and Bishop with the Argos. It was rather hilarious, with Joseph having a look on his face like a baby getting ready to cry when Bishop played, and Bishop would stand down by the goal line all by himself when Joseph played.

That is the first thing I thought. drafting and starting Glenn probably has been the plan for quite awhile in Ottawa and Suddenly Burris becomes availble and they Pounce on him. Probably had to jump on Burris or someone else would have grbbed him.
Now that they have both they will need to figure out what to do with Glenn