redblacks lumberjacks

seem a lot of arbees fans associate redblack with lumberjacks. Should have called them that in the first place.

The problem is they wanted a white "R’ on the helmet. But your right the should have went with lumberjacks then they could have sang this song after td’s

We went through about a year of “name the team” discussion so let’s get over it. The team had the “name the team” contest but so many names that it was impossible to choose.

They wanted to keep the tradition of the “Rough Riders” who rode the log booms down the Ottawa River. Lumberjacks have traditionally worn the plaid red and black shirts so it seems fitting. Besides the name “Lumberjack” is pretty lame when it comes to marketing.

tell that to the fans who go to the game dressed and lumberjacks complete with replica of an ax.

Agree with this. Far from being a marketing liability it would have been great.

I did.

I was at the game on Friday, yes there were a lot of people dressed as REDBLACK lumberjacks. The mascot is “Big Joe Mufferaw” Never heard any of them say that the team name should be the lumberjacks

It worked out perfect that Ottawa was able to use a generic "R" name, and still have fans dress up in a theme on opening night. It was a good move putting the R inside a saw blade. LumberJacks would be a bad name though.

Besides, Sask fans dress up in watermellons, what does that have to do with anything at all... I am happy to see Ottawa fans showing some character!

hey, don’t try to use sask fans to make a logical point :wink:

I wonder how long it will take before the REDBLACK’s (axe) chop becomes the fan rally sign of choice.

Big Joe Mufferaw by Stompin Tom :rockin:

^Thanks for sharing, I like the connection