Redblacks locker room sale

Missed it, but did anyone get to the locker room sale? Prices in line with last year or higher due to grey cup factor?

My brother ended up going and said prices were in line with last year but because of Winning Grey Cup, there were SLIM pickings on game worn gear. :frowning:

Received no notice of locker room sale and I am a season ticket holder ? What's up with that .

Do you get the regular emails from The RedBlacks?

We got our email on Wednesday I think saying it was open to Lumberyard members from 9-11am and general public starting at noon. 8)

I usually get a couple before game day and a survey email after each game asking your thoughts about your game day fan experience. Do you get the advance notice for concerts at TD Place??

If not, I suggest you contact your sales rep and have them check for correct email address.

I get some e mails from the Redblacks but no surveys on fan experience . Not sure what to make of it .

Give your sales rep a call. they will get you on the right email lists

They had trouble after the first season for mine. I wasn't getting all the emails either.
I had to call but now I get all the emails and advance notice of concerts and anything else happening at TD Place 8)

Thanks I will check with them and get on the list .

If anyone landed and extra Deane jersey or helmet, would LOVE to add it to my Michigan State alumni collection!