RedBlacks Locker Room Sale

Anybody else plan on going? If so, better go soon.
I was lucky to be on the list for the one hour pre-sale, and things were going fast.

Practice jerseys ($50) going quickly as are the Game worn Jerseys ($250-$300) (Red Plaid) and helmets ($250??).
They also had GREAT deals on old merchandise. 60% off most and t-shirts selling at $10 each of 4 for $30 :thup:

First time going to a Locker Room Sale as they never had them for the Rough Riders but looking forward to the next one !!

Actually they did have them for the Rough Riders. Except there was no Social Media or Internet presence back then so they really weren't advertised. I got some good Rough Riders stuff from back then...

I only recall one for the Renegades and most of the stuff on display was crap, but maybe I just got there too late in the day.

At some point, I overheard a player (I think it was Kralt) say "A couple of days ago, all those shoes were in the garbage and now we're selling them for $25 a pair". Not exactly a great way to promote sales, there. :roll:

I didn't go to this one but it seemed like people enjoyed it. Saw a lot of pictures of kids in nmerchandise on Twitter, which is awesome. :thup: