REDBLACKS lock down Elks to win opener

I was at a game in 2008, Sask @BC, Week 2. Marcus Crandell was the QB for the Riders. Late 3rd quarter he tweaked his elbow or something and came out of the game, although I suspect that it had more to do with him not moving the offense. After 3 quarters the score was 16-10 Lions and the Riders had 90 yards of offense.

Long story short, some kid named Darian Durant came into the game and put up another 100 yards and Sask won the game 20-16. The next week he was the starter.


I seem to recall that the CFL had a team that was purposely all defense and no offense during the George Brancado years. It happened more than once too. His team was always under budget and on those occasions when the Rough Riders barely squeaked into the playoffs (would you believe 5-11?) Coach Brancado would stack his defense with americans and beat up on opposing offenses. It was 'inspired desperation' and sometimes it nearly worked. The scores were low and no offense wanted to take the punishment his defenses were dishing out. Nowadays that sort of crazy can't be done going into the post season so I guess somewhere along the line the rules that allowed it were changed.

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From the CFL's game notes this week.


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