REDBLACKS lock down Elks to win opener

EDMONTON — The quarterback battle between Trevor Harris and Matt Nichols that many fans had anticipated gave way to a defensive showdown instead, with Ottawa scoring a 16-12 season-opening win.

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Only a Stamp fan and definitly not an Edmonton fan. The game was (in my opinion) rather boring. Where were the offensive TDs? I did find myself cheering when Ottawa made a good play,(like the pick 6) but that was because they looked like the Stamps, not really because the ELKS are the nemesis of the Stamps. Way more entertaining games on Thursday & Friday.


I thought the lateral pass on the Stamps kickoff was legal. It was an enlightened play by the Stamps' special team

A very low scoring home debut by the Edmonton Elks versus the Ottawa Redblacks, who controlled the game till the 4th quarter. The TSN turning point was Abdul Kanneh's electrifying 102 yard pick 6. He had two picks on the night, and made the game saving tackle on fullback James Tuck at the one yard line-"The Longest Yard" for the hard fought defensive battle ! Final score-Redblacks 16 Elks-12 :hot_face: :disappointed_relieved: :football:

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This was supposed to be an easy win at home for the Elk, all the pre-game predictions by the sports writers was Edmonton to win it.
Ottawa has a great defense, no one predicted they could be that strong.
The ints were great plays by the DBs, they weren't bad passes by Harris

Altough it was a surprise I still don't think we can conclude that the Redblacks dark days are behind. Will they have more than 3 victories? Maybe. The defense was way better than expected. But I dont't think that the offensive, wich was the main problem in 2019, will be better. Matt Nichols doesn't have a good RB nor an interesting pool of receivers. The Oline was weak (against a good defense it's true) and their victory was due to Harris choking three times at the right spot.

Toronto & Ottawa both win? We may have a very competitive league this year. That's great for all. BTW, is Dustin Neilson really that big or is Glen Suitor shrinking?


Didn't they say that Nichols played with a shoulder injury? he never went long and his shorter passes were all under thrown.
But Ottawa still won the game, if the defense continues to play the way they did last night and Nichols is at 100% then they will win a lot of games. Ottawa lucky that they have a bye week and he gets to rest his shoulder.

He was injured yes, but even when he was healthy, he's not the qb that will pull up his team with spectacular plays.

Deja vu. We saw Edmonton thrusting up and down the field at will in 2019... but they couldn't keep it up when it mattered most. Last night the EE's had a whopping 443 yards of offence while their noodle armed opponents wimped out at a mere 127 yards. No wonder their fans left unsatisfied (get used to it ladies). When it comes to scoring... the Elks still 'can't finish'. :kissing:

Harris was let down by his receivers a couple of times. First Mike Jones couldn't get the foot down in bounds for the easy TD, then Ross bobbles it right into Kanneh's hands for the pick six. Otherwise Harris has a decent stat line.


But let's not forget that it's almost 2 years since they played, no pre-season.
Were people really expecting teams to come out and offenses going up and down the field.
Out of the 8 teams that played this weekend, only 2 QBs looked decent


I get the confusion as I too (as I said) was often thinking Ottawa was the Stamps as they sported the same uniform (Red & White)

But it was actually Ottawa that made that kickoff trickery play. And I think it was legal too ! Guess it was about an inch forward. Don’t

Know how the officials in Toronto can see an inch when “on field” officials can’t and they are parallel to the play. But OH Well.

Still not as exciting as Thur & Fri games . However there was that one pick 6 by Ottawa that was a moment of excitement.

All in all it is great that CFL is back now. OH yea ! The Stamps game was disappointing and bordered on boring

Hope that Mitchell and his receivers get it together for the BC matchup. I believe the receivers didn’t jell with Mitchell during training

Camp because he missed so much of it with a groin injury. Missed passes and dropped passes spelled the Stamps defeat.

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I'm kidding of course. I for one was completely satisfied with Edmonton's performance. A loss is a loss is a loss.

No arguing that point. We were used to seeing Nichols start off slow. The last time he had a wing repaired it took him more than a month to play it back into shape. He'll be up to speed by the fall.

Even with a wounded wing, he is an improvement on Dom Davis. They dressed the 3rd QB on Saturday - Caleb, maybe he would be an improvement.

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That defence of the Redblacks is only going to improve the way I see it. High respect for this win, and it's not all on Harris though it's rather difficult to win a game when your turnover differential is -3 or worse.

I wonder when the last time a CFL team has won a game with less than 100 yards of net offense. I don't think in my lifetime.


Ottawa is (imo) still destined for 4th in East

Hamilton is just too strong and both Toronto & Montreal have potential
I don't know if post season rules changed for shorter season but am willing to bet no cross over this year

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Wow this would be a great trivia opportunity for those who go way, way back here with the league too. Even if it was less than 120 yards of net offense in history it would be telling as well as the final score.

A number of seasons ago, perhaps it was 2012 or 2013, I remember the Eskimos of the time had Steven Jyles as QB and a wickedly devastating defence and had won most games through July with low scores often and mediocre offence at best.

That all changed for the worse in August when I figure the opposition was able to study film and simply gang up on the offence to force Jyles to throw long and to perform terribly.

I wonder if that Eskimo team had some 100 yard offensive performances in that summer.