RedBlacks likely to Draft Kevin Glenn

What in the world makes you think Kevin Glenn is a FA ?

Back on 28 November the list of potential free agents was released:

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If you take the time to scroll down to the Calgary potential FAs, you'll see that Kevin Glenn is NOT listed.

Why do people keep thinking Glenn's going to be a FA ?

It has been written many,many times : Kevin Glenn is not a potential free agent; he is signed through the 2014 season.


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It’s likely the RedBlacks will start their CFL legacy off with a trio of pretty talented quarterbacks, maybe something like Kevin Glenn, Zach Collaros and either Tanner Marsh or Thomas DeMarco.

During the CFL’s expansion draft on Monday, the RedBlacks will get a chance to put months of homework — both live and on film — to use.

While Collaros and Drew Willy, two of the CFL’s more desirable backup QBs will be free agents on Feb. 15 — thus unlikely to be selected by Ottawa — bank on the RedBlacks grabbing a couple of other pivots when the draft begins at 11 a.m. Ottawa time.

It’s certainly a much better scenario than when the CFL put the screws to the Ottawa Renegades in the 2002 expansion draft. Then, each team could protect two quarterbacks, with the Renegades allowed to dip into protected lists — emerging from the draft with the rights to Kevin Daft, Woodrow Dantzler, Jason Gesser, Zac Kustock, Romaro Miller, Seneca Wallace. That didn’t work so well with only Miller joining the Ottawa team, which also had Dan Crowley, Oteman Simpson and Chuck Clements (never to be mistaken for Tom) at the position that season.

The Ottawa football operations department, headed up by GM Marcel Desjardins — first saw protected lists nearly a week ago. There have been many hours of analyzing since then — under a cone of silence, with the CFL demanding that the lists be kept secret.

“Some guys, we’re a little surprised they’re there,? said Desjardins. “With other guys we thought might be available — it’s probably not going to go that way for us.

“On some teams, it’s really difficult to figure out who the best guy (available) is.?

While many of the players Ottawa reaches out to after the draft will end up wearing a RedBlacks uniform, there’s still plenty of legwork to do beyond Monday. The team will continue to sign free agents not currently in the CFL, NFL or on anybody else’s neg lists. Then, come the beginning of free agency on Feb. 15, look for Ottawa to blow the doors off with some big signings.

“This (expansion draft) is only 24 of the 85 guys we’re going to camp with,? said Desjardins, who will take plenty of variables into account, but for the most part will just draft the best player available.

“Do we want (non-import) interior offensive linemen? Absolutely,? said Desjardins. “But you also want the best guys available. If they are not offensive linemen, we probably won’t have too many of them.

“You want a few key leaders, but right now it’s not a function of a younger guy vs. a veteran. It’s finding the best guy. Some of the guys we pick might be pretty obscure, but for whatever reason we may feel like they’re a good choice for us.?

Former Calgary Stampeders defensive co-ordinator Rick Campbell, named Ottawa’s head coach less than two weeks ago, is happy to be part of the process.

“We’re at six guys right now so we have to start building a roster,? said Campbell. “You want to find the best guys and build your team from there. We need to have the good guys first, then you build depth from there.

“It’s exciting. It’s part of the reason I came here. I’ve been asked to do a lot of things with personnel before. Marcel and his staff have done a great job of laying the groundwork. They’ve done a lot of homework. I’m just trying to add that different point of view from the way I saw things last year. That’s a healthy thing to get as many points of view as you can and make the best decisions that you can.?

There will be many interesting decisions to be made. If available, do they take Saskatchewan linebacker Rey Williams, who was KO’d by a season-ending knee injury last year? Do they grab Montreal QB Tanner Marsh or slotback Jamel Richardson as their import choice from the Als? Do they think about taking Buck Pierce instead of Kevin Glenn or Drew Tate?

Soon enough, the intrigue and mystery will be replaced with excitement as the RedBlacks roster begins to fill up with faces and names from the football world.

Richard, since so many many people are making this mistake, maybe we should start doing what the Ottawa football team wants us all to do. . . so here goes:

Listen up people, Kevin GLENN is NOT a free agent; repeat, NOT.




I say the REDBLACKS will select/draft 2 QBs in next monday expansion draft. These 2 QBs will be:

Kevin Glenn on the Calgary Stampeders. 34 years old. QB rating during his career: 90.3

1 QB amongst:

Thomas DeMarco of the BC Lions. 24 years old. QB rating during his roughly 8 games played: 76.8

Trevor Harris of the Toronto Argonauts. 27 years old. QB rating during his few games played: 84.9

Tanner Marsh of the Montreal Alouettes. 23 years old. QB rating during his few games played: 62.3

Since the team losing a QB will be able to protect 2 more Non-Imports in round 2 of the expansion draft, the REDBLACKS will select a QB from a team that will still have interesting non-import prospects,despite protecting 8.

Based on what I wrote, I predict that the 2 QBs selected by the REDBLACKS will be:

Kevin Glenn of the Calgary Stampeders

Trevor Harris of the Toronto Argonauts.


We are less than 24 hours away from the draft!
Can't wait!


Well about this time tommorrow we will know the answer. From what Ottawa has said from the start they wanted an experienced QB to take the offense in year one. Keving Glenn fits the description exactly. In fact he really has been a starter for the last three seasons 2 in Calgary and one in Hamilton. Unable to win the big one has haunted him but in 2011 went to Montreal in the east semis and beat the Als in a shootout.
2012 got the Stamps to the Grey Cup and in 2013 Calgary finished with the best record in the CFL and home west final.

I am not a big fan of Demarco but as of now he is probably the best choice for the 2nd QB selected.

As for the Free Agents Calloros, Willy, I do not see them signing either of these guys at this point. Glenn will be the starter.
Money will be better spent on free agents that can become Canadian franchise players on the Oline and on defense.
two losing teams have some franchise type Canadian defenders that are free agents.
Henoc Muamba at MLB and Ted Laurant DT.
On the offensive line Josh Bourke is a game changer as a starting Canadian LT.

I can also see the OSEG begin to market these players off the field as well especially Muamba for endorsement deals in Ottawa. The OSEG has ties to Ottawa business community and companies that would be able to sign such a player as Muamba as a spokes person.

Roger Greenberg and the Minto group dealing in development of homes and Condos a perk to offer a free agent for living arrangements in return for being a spokeperson.

John Ruddy President and CEO of Trinity Development group. Certainly can open some doors for endorsements for top players. Josh Bourke has an Agent this time around so looking at more than just signing a contract for football would probably not be enough to land him.

Shenkman Shenkman Group of companies. All kinds of doors can be open.

Since they are all developers finding housing for players ahead of their arrival will also be another great perk.

Ruddy deals in student housing and Hunt already is involved in housing Junior hockey players. So getting players from all three of there franchises organized housing will be a great perk.

John Pugh successful expereince in developing soccer players along with Hunts experience in Junior Hockey should translate tremendously into developing football players as well using the Junior football system in Ottawa as well as Ruddy's connections to the Old Crows at Carleton.

This will be an organization that will quickly attract players to come to Ottawa.

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Duane Ford makes a good point, it might not be wise to steal a QB from a team who doesn’t have a lot of free agents/talent you might be able to snag. Leave Wily alone and instead go for a Non-Import from Sask. and pull a lesser known QB in a later round.

There is no "later round". The first round is imports, the other two rounds are non-imports.

You can take your chances with free agency, I suppose.

Willy is also headed for FA so I don't think he'd would've been a target for them.

Tuned into the live coverage on
Not surprising, they are experiencing technical difficulties. :roll:

tsn on TV and are also carrying draft coverage hosted by Naylor with Duane Forde and Schultze.

Why on earth did they spread out the rounds of the draft so far apart? It shouldn't take teams that long to adjust their protected lists after each round.

done deal.

Imo, the RedBlacks did very well in their picks of QBS, but Gotta question some of the others;
Chevy Walker? Why? He was probably not going to be on hamilton's roster next year. Hamilton made it out of the first round unscathed, imo.
Hopefully, Ottawa gets Messam from Montreal to make up for that lousy pick.

Perhaps the RedBlacks had slim pickings with all the pending FAs?

The thing for Hamilton is if Walker has a real good season it could come back to bite them.

Walker is a weird pick for me too. They have already signed 3 RBs in FA, Walker was out of a job in Hamilton with Gable around and they'll find a younger cheaper backup. I would've though there might have been a better option there considering Hamilton had so few pending FAs.

Mitchell from edmonton? A who's that guy pick.

Hopkins and Williams should give them a couple of stawlarts on the Dline but they'll still need to find a guy who can deliver sacks as neither of these two are likely to get close to double digits. Hopkins will be a good interior guy. Was sad to see him go from the bombers a couple of years ago.

Keep in mind that they might trade some of those players they picked.

So true :lol:

......Why would they take Glenn....wasn't he a free agent??? :lol: :lol: sorry bout that/....Great start for the new franchise at qb....DeMarco is a solid second pic..