RedBlacks likely to Draft Kevin Glenn

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RedBlacks coach Rick Campbell, GM Marcel Desjardins and the other folks from the team's football operations department haven't gotten much sleep since getting a peek at the other CFL teams' protected lists on Monday.

With work days beginning at the crack of dawn, team by team the RedBlacks have gone over each player left unprotected, taking into consideration variables like age, talent, potential, football smarts, coachability and attitude. It's been a painstaking process that could pay big dividends when the RedBlacks get to slot some pieces into their puzzle during the CFL's expansion draft on Dec. 16.

Right at the top of their wishlist is an experienced quarterback. Pencil in 34-year-old Calgary Stampeder Kevin Glenn as one of the names Ottawa will call next Monday. By rules of the expansion draft, each team can protect just one QB and it's a lock that Bo Levi Mitchell isn't going anywhere. So Ottawa will get to choose between Drew Tate and Glenn from the Calgary roster. Bet on it being the latter -- though the decision is made tougher by the likely availability of non-import punter/kicker Rob Maver. If the RedBlacks choose a QB from a roster, they can't take a kicker from that same team.

Backup QB hotshots Zach Collaros (Toronto) and Drew Willy (Saskatchewan) will both be free agents on Feb. 15 -- expect one of them to end up in an Ottawa uniform.

"We could have better quarterbacks than anyone in the league," said Desjardins. "Some of the better young (quarterbacks) are free agents so we won't go that route, but there are at least three guys that are interesting to us, guys that are still under contract for next year. When you look at the list and see who's available, you're probably going to get an older guy and a younger guy."

The RedBlacks won't be addressing specific needs -- really everything is a need at this point.

"We want to find the best players available," said Campbell. "We need to find a lot of players right now. But after we've selected several players, we might not want to repeat at a position."

There's a good chance the RedBlacks will swing some deals following the draft.

"We've talked to teams in general. But we have no trades in place," said Desjardins. "We may draft some guys that have a lot more value to other teams than we feel they have to us right away."

One of the quirks of the process the RedBlacks have to deal with are the unprotected players who are free agents, with teams allowing a large number of contracts to expire coinciding with the RedBlacks' entry into the league. Some might suggest there are shenanigans afoot -- where teams already have nudge and wink agreements in place with certain free agents, but can leave them unprotected with little fear they'll be selected in the expansion draft.

"There are an inordinate amount of free agents across the league right now," said Desjardins. "We try to work around it and not get too frustrated about it."

Compared to what the Ottawa Renegades got in 2002, this expansion draft has its pluses and minuses.

"(Each team being allowed to protect just one QB) is really the biggest thing that gives us a better chance than the last time around, but there elements of the other expansion draft I preferred," said Desjardins. "Last time, when they were picking the second round of Canadians, they were allowed to take a second-round pick in the Canadian college draft if there wasn't a suitable player for them. I would love to have that option now.

"We will have some good players, but it's also able to be manipulated and it has been in a way that makes it challenging."

Glenn will be a good choice if they select him. He’s been pretty durable overall compared to a number of other QBs out there. He’s played in different systems and had success. But it wouldn’t shock me if they bypassed the Calgary QBs altogether. By taking Glenn they would let Calgary protect a couple more NIs and they’ve got a decent stock of NI talent. Depending on what their actual protected list looks like I might use them to bolster other parts of my roster, find a younger QB elsewhere and take a hard run at Burris and/or Collaros in FA. With some of the coaching staff coming over from Calgary, they may see a name on the list that’s too good for them to pass up.

....I'd be very surprised if they didn't....wolverine has some good points about him being picked...I have always had a knock against Kevin...mainly because he seemed to never win the BIG ONE....Not always his fault...Bad break before a Cup game a few years back for us ,couldn't be helped....but coughing it up at crucial times in important games has tainted his career...I wish him luck IF Redblacks go with him...It makes sense for him to be located in the east close to his business AND the new franchise could certainly use a vet. like Glenn :thup:

Just say the truth. Your excited that they won't claim Collaros :wink:

....hey....there's nothing stopping them from drafting a free agent....just not wise :wink:

Well I'm one cheering for Glenn all the way, except when he plays for the Cats. He could be an excellent fit with the RB's for a few years and a great experienced person to help a younger qb.

I'm still saying they pick Tate. He's younger and Calgary always rated him ahead of Glenn when healthy. With Campbell and Gibson coming over from Calgary, they will have the best up close idea who they should pick though.

I don't know about Ottawa drafting a kicker. They are a few FA's (Milo and Whyte) out there who would only cost them money. Starting Canadian's have to be priority one beside a QB. Drafting a kicker eliminates another good Canadian player. There are always guys like imports Swayze Waters or Justin Medlock around to do the kicking.

I'm indifferent actually. Collaros has shown flashes but he's also struggled at times. He's not someone that will instantly make everything better but would be a good building block. But so can Drew Willy. Tanner Marsh showed as much good and bad as Collaros despite having less experience. It's got nothing to do with whether Collaros is in Bomber colours in 2014. He's not the only QB up for grabs that can help the bombers.

Calgary may have to leave someone unprotected that they don't want to and would really like to keep. The coaches in Ottawa would know who those guys are. They can draft that player and flip him back to Calgary and still get Glenn and another lower level player on the roster or neg list player in the deal and come out with two players instead of one. If Calgary were, for instance, leave one of the starting NI olinemen exposed thinking they'll get to protect him once Ottawa picks Glenn, why wouldn't you then bypass Glenn so you can get that lineman? It does you no good to have Glenn at QB, or anyone for that matter, if you don't have a good line. If it was me, that's where I'd start. Figure out where the best Olinemen are, then work your QB picks around that so you can get those guys.

As for kicker, I expect them to go after either Whyte in Mtl since I think he might be exposed after having fallen out of favour there a bit or Hugh O'Neill as I expect Edmonton will protect Shaw. O'Neill seems the most likely since he can do double duty. Maybe they take De'Angelis from the bombers. I can only hope. I'd love to see him gone. And there's also a few FAs out there like Justin Palardy they can sign if they wanted to bypass the kickers and focus on other roster spots.

For the past month or so, I have been saying/writing that the REDBLACKS will select Kevin Glenn; won’t change next monday. If they do select a second QB, it will be DeMarco from BC or Marsh from Montreal.


I was just teasing Papa. I know he really, really likes him :wink: Hope you guys get him.

The thing is if you draft Glenn (An excellent choice). You pretty much void any advantage in drawing a young free agent QB looking to start (Collaros, Willey,Demarco and others). However you could always go and play the market and then trade Glenn if you have options...

Not surprised, but Jim Barker admitted that he protected Ricky Ray ( argos posted story on their site) .
I wonder if we'll get more of these kind of confessions by GMs across the league leading up to the draft?

In a perfect scenario, i'd like to see the RedBlacks make their QB choice early, but not made public, so on draft day, they can have a photo opportunity with their new QB ( Glenn) and have their jersey reveal at the same time when they present him his new jersey at the press conference. This would get terrific publicity as well as mark the beginning of jersey sales in time for the holiday season.

Considering the RBs already have the protected lists and there is only 1 import round in the draft that they would've been allowed to make those pics so that they could bring in a couple of those players for photo ops, meet and greets, media interviews, etc. I agree, missed opportunity.

Speaking of Barker, he admitted they protected a couple of pending FAs, the bombers announced they did the same today. There was a comment on how the RBs have been overly-insisting they won't take pending FAs which suggests maybe the thought behind closed doors were that the RBs were throwing up a smokescreen. You look at the list of pending FAs, there are some good players on that list and considering the comments out of Ottawa about the prospect of drafting a player and flipping them for additional assets, sure seems like they might be entertaining the idea of taking one or two of these guys, maybe in the 3rd round of the NI draft where the quality will be a bit poorer.

Doesn't make sense to pick a free agent, in February they can sign with any team, there is no guarantee if you pick them they will sign with Ottawa !

Unless they've talked with the agent. Or the agent approached them. That's what teams are worried about and they won't know.

But that would be tampering and the RedBlacks would likely face a fine...$5,000. that is a high price to pay to better your team :lol:

Yes it is :lol:

If Calgary thinks of Tate being so valuable when healthy they would protect him, and make him the top priority, but he is made of glass and two seasons of injuries tells he isn't worth keeping over Mitchell. I say due to injuries Tate stays, and Glenn goes, he may not win the big playoff games but if they are able to sign Collaros as a free agent, Glenn would make a good 2nd stringer. Collaros is moving the question is where, wouldn't be surprised to see him with the RedBlacks.

Gotta think the RBs would be better off picking someone from Toronto who isn't Collaros so that Toronto won't be able to protect some fine NIs that they would normally lose. And…they wouldn't have to worry about signing a FA. or lose a good pick.

Kevin Glenn is a FA why waste a pick on him when you can sign him in Feb. Calgary has a lot of NI depth if I were the Redblacks I would go after that and then try to sign a FA QB.