REDBLACKS kick off Labour Day Weekend with win over Als

MONTREAL — The Ottawa REDBLACKS kicked off the OK Tire Labour Day Weekend by commanding a road win over the Montreal Alouettes from Percival Molson Stadium on Friday night.

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Huge win - it kept the 2nd East playoff spot within striking distance for both Ottawa and Hamilton with almost 40% of the season yet to be played.


Porky looks like a genius for picking them in the GCC pool! :grinning: (happens once in a while). I was also advocating early to get Arbuckle happening sooner than later, so I was right there too. Caleb has had his shots, this year & last, & hasn't shown the consistency needed for the job (yet, anyway). This team is Arbuckle's now.

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I was the genius last week for picking them over Edmonton. This week I am sitting in the corner facing the wall with a conical hat on my head, along with many others.

Arbuckle is certainly making a difference.

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