REDBLACKS, Kanneh, dig in for gritty opening win

EDMONTON — A good half-hour after he stepped off of the field, Abdul Kanneh was still feeling the rush of what he’d done on Saturday night.

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That ending was worth the price of staying up so late.


I've always thought Kanneh was a great player. He always makes plays. Remember, he was the guy who tripped up Arbuckle to force the FG in 2016 GC. Not only does he score the pick six winning TD, he makes the tackle at the goal line to save the win. He has a history as an edgy player tho, but man he always makes plays.

I would have to say that especially with the weak offenses this week, he's a shoo-in for player of the week.

And he has the most ridiculous dreadlocks. He makes Elimimian look like Donald Trump. :stuck_out_tongue:

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It's Jefferson and Kanneh vying for 'Defensive Player of the Week'. And the envelope please... IT'S JEFFERSON!!! WHOOO!!! (He's always the safest pick).