REDBLACKS' jerseys

Fan art or from a more official source? That concept would be spot on in my books.

That concept is really close to the old Rough Riders jerseys. Jeff Hunt said the jerseys will be modern, not traditional, which makes me wonder how close that concept really is.

I like this one, although Reebok might not like the logo on it...

I got to admit, that slight triangular cut in the numbers that's present in the R in the logo is a very nice and slick touch.

This is what I've been hoping for all along!

These would be fantastic (especially love the number font) but to make the effect complete they would need white pants at home and red pants on the road. Sadly, I think the chances of that are about nil. I bet they will go with black pants home and away, which would be a shame for both unis.

While I agree with white pants at home, not sure why you would want red pants on the road ( or at all) ?

Red pants belong in calgary, imo.

Not a bad look, actually.

Tony Gabriel is making a comeback! :o :o :o

:lol: :lol: :lol:

I would agree with that -- if the Stampeders ever wore red pants any more. But they don't and I've given up hope they will ever abandon the ridiculous pyjama-bottom black pants they have now.

I wouldn't go so far to say that it will never happen. There are a lot of fans in Calgary who want a return to the red and white colour scheme, they just don't seem to post on this website (take a look at CFLhorsemen site). :wink:

I sincerely hope the voice of those fans is heard by the team. Bring back the red pants!

I do like the checkers look, the young kids would eat it up.

My favourite version of Ottawa's jersey had red pants on the road. From 1976:

[url=] ... y_1976.png[/url]

It's been announced that Ottawa's uni's will be unveiled at a team/fan event on the evening of May 6th. It'll be quite an accomplishment, for the new team, if the new look doesn't get exposed somewhere in the media before then. In fact, I'm surprised they've managed, it seems, to keep them under wrap even to within a week of the planned first showing.