REDBLACKS' jerseys unveiled

Not my team, but I would have preferred to see more red on the uniform - red pants on the away. Then again, as I've stated here before, I'm not a big fan of all black or all white uniforms. No matter which team.

Glad Ottawa is back! I like the black and white uniforms, stays away from looking like Calgary, since they also have red. But I'm not fan of the white helmets (or second helmets for that matter). Looking forward to a stronger CFL this season!


I hate all black uniforms, including ours. Always makes me feel like I'm watching a bad sci-fi sports movie.

The black helmets are ok since the saw blade blends into the color of the helmet, but they really needed to use an inverse color logo for those white helmets (or used a red or black helmet). White helmets with that bland, circular logo, looks like a pee-wee team stuck decals on the sides of their standard issue equipment.

At least you can see the saw blade on the white helmet. The black helmet looks like it's just got a white "R" on it.

Oh. Got it.

Not a fan of matching pants ands sweaters, swap the pants and they will look better.

Not a fan of the white helmets, BC for some reason the exception (and no I am not a Lions fan).

I like it, especially the retro R on the helmet.

They don’t do anything for me. They look generic and bland.

I am with you; pretty generic.

I don't like them.

If the name of the team is the RedBlacks, why did they choose uniforms that look like they're the BlackBlacks and the

Looks like the same group that thought up the name created the uniform.

I am glad to see an Ottawa team back in the CFL but I couldn't care less what the new uniforms look like.
I hope the Redblacks can create a ton of interest in Ottawa. The CFL needs more fans and the new Ottawa ownership is working hard to make the Redblacks a worthy successor to the old Rough Riders. It will take time so I wish them the best.

Boring, I find the black BC sweaters alot better.