RedBlacks J.Rose suspended for Grey Cup

“We are extremely reluctant to take an action that could prevent an athlete from joining his teammates for what may be the most important game of his life. But there is an another principle at stake, one which has very significant implications for our league and sport in general.
If we fail to send a strong signal when there is physical abuse of an official, whatever the circumstances, we risk sending the wrong message to not only the athletes in our league but young and aspiring athletes, coaches and even parents throughout sport. Officials are an important part of athletic competition, responsible for its integrity. While their contributions too often go unsung, we cannot allow them to be disrespected or, worse, abused.
For these reasons, the Canadian Football League has notified Jonathan Rose of the Ottawa REDBLACKS that he is being assessed a one game suspension for pushing an official during last Sunday’s Eastern Final in Ottawa.?

The big ??
Will he appeal and then play?

That’s too bad. Can the union/player appeal?

I look at intent .

I don’t have a problem with being thrown out for the game but he never intended to abuse an official he was just trying to get at the player .

Not sure that’s a fair decision . The penalty doesn’t fit the crime .

You don’t know what his intent was. You only know what he said after the fact when it became possible that his behaviour may have cost him a chance to play in the GC, and that can’t be taken as truth necessarily. It’s just as likely that he simply lost his head.

In all the other instances when an official was touched, none was ever knocked down. The punishment fits the crime pretty exactly IMO.

I agree. Let him play and fine him his Grey Cup money. Don’t punish the fans who want a GREAT game.

Don’t touch a ref. Simple as that.

What’s so bad about it ? He got what he deserved . He’s lucky he didn’t get more for his actions . He bulldogged a player out of bounds , faced masked another and still found time to knock down an official in the process . Screw him . I hope he enjoys watching the Grey Cup from the sidelines . Unfortunately in answer to your other question . The answer is yes the union/player can appeal the decision .

I agree but they are hurting the fans. It’s OUR biggest game. Let ALL the best players play.

Good. Hope he plays.

Let him play and fine him.

Could be a classic Alphonse & Gaston playout

Randy suspends guy from the Cup

PA appeals decision, allowing Rose to play

Matter determined post-Coupe.

Everyone comes out looking strong!

aka - smelling like a rose!!!

Its not like the ref just stepped in front of him.
The ref was standing between him and the hamilton players.
He got up put two hands on the ref and pushed him down.

Just can’t happen.

Its too bad he will miss the Grey Cup, but he was responsible for the whole incident. Wrestle move well out of bounds, the push on the ref and the face mask.

I am actually shocked anyone is arguing with this call.

As for the appeal. The way discipline in the past has gone in the CFL, I expect him to playing this Sunday.

I always find it funny, how the unions or players associations always side with the guilty party in incidents. The player that he bulldogged out of bounds could have been severally injured on that play as well. Fortunately, for all parties that didn’t happen.

Why even have rules then?

A suspension here is totally fair. I hate that he’ll probably appeal and get to play.

Not as far as I am concerned.

Now it’s up to Campbell and Thorpe to come up with a game plan to help the team.

Why bother having rules?!

Free for all. Anything goes and may the best team come out on top!

You can take a cheap helmet to helmet hit and knock him out for the playoffs. No suspension. But if a player touches an official he gets suspended. It’s kind of a joke.

I’d also like to see the PA come out and say player X recklessly endangered or injured another one of our PA members, and therefore we suggest and/or approve of a suspension.

I guess in your eyes maybe he should’ve pulled out a gun and shot the ref instead ? Please explain how having one player out of 88 that will dress for the game not play be hurting the fans ? As for letting ALL the best players play , does that include ALL the best players that will miss this game regardless due to being on the IL ? I honestly don’t know about you at times Kev with your ultra snowflake liberal way of looking at things . Maybe we should have the ref apologise to Rose for getting in his way in the first place . I mean after all if the ref wasn’t there then there would’ve been no reason by Rose to knock him down . ::slight_smile:

Wow…really? He hit a ref. I don’t think he intended to but he did. Where do you draw the line? Any league in any sport I can think of this is automatic

The difference is players are open for being hit every play. Referees never are.

That’s not to say I don’t think players should be banned for helmet to helmet hits, because I do. But many helmet to helmet hits would have been fine hits if delivered a few inches away. Not so with manhandling refs.

Agreed - very hypocritcal. If Porky Campbell wants to play dirty - then just assign one of his toughs, maybe a special teamer-reserve to whack Mitchell to the head after whistle (or low to knees) and TKO him out of the game - 15 yards for eliminating the Stamps best player is less than pennies on the dollar for the return!