REDBLACKS interested in Henry Burris?

Burris's agent says the REDBLACKS have shown interest in Burris. The Bombers are very interested in signing Burris. Are the REDBLACKS seriously interested in Hank, with Kevin Glenn in town, or is this just a ploy by Burris's agent to drive up the price the Bombers pay for Burris?

While it is very possible his agent did not mention any teams other than the Bombers.

From Rod Pedersen's blog:

The one thing I took away from the weekend is that Henry Burris is fielding offers from the Eskimos, Bombers, REDBLACKS and the Alouettes. Expect Hank to sign with Ottawa.

Rod Petersen took something away from the weekend... :lol:

But it might make sense if they think they can trade Glenn to Montreal or back to Calgary and get another asset.

If Ottawa signs Burris (which I doubt), they'd trade Glenn to Winnipeg.

Winnipeg has nothing to offer. They could not even fill out their protection list for the expansion draft.

Right now I don't see Burris signing anywhere but Winnipeg. Henry has always been about the money (no matter what he says) he turned down a chance to stay in Calgary at a reduce salary, left Saskatchewan for money and if Winnipeg offered him 350k. That's where he will go. Frankly outside of the added bonus of getting something for Glen by signing Burris. I don't see what is in it for Ottawa. Glen is much younger and is a better leader at this point, a better fit for Ottawa IMO.

What will determine if Burris goes to Winnipeg will be the language of the contract IMO. Winnipeg has not honored a QB contract since Khari Jones. So his agent will demand at least a couple things. Make sure that Burris is paid in full for at least two seasons and a first right of refusal on any trades. If he can't get that. Does not matter how much money the Bombers show in an offer it won't mean a thing.

I think for a while the REDBALCKS have been planning there first season with Glenn as their starter.
Certainly getting CFL teams back to having two starting QBs available was not so long ago.
Obtaining Burris would need to have a lot of communicattion in place before they sign him. First Glenn is the starter. second Hank you ore the top back up in the league right now an 18 game season is long so PT would most likley happen.
This does not go with Burris' plan of starting for 2 seasons with a team that can win a Gry cup than step aside.
Right now only Winnipeg can offer him that. And Burris saw first hand that a team can go from worst to Grey Cup in one year.
Saw first hand how a team can go from worst to Grey Cup Champs in 2 years like the riders.
Also close enough to see how the Argos went from worst to Grey Cup Champs in one season.

You can't have too many quarterbacks so I can understand why the RedBlacks might be curious (assuming that's even true...The team's name will be associated with pretty well every half decent free agent out there). But one of those guys will need to accept either not playing a whole lot or getting cut after camp.

It would make for a pretty deep position...IF everyone's on board with the plan. If it just ends up creating a distraction, you've already got enough to deal with without fabricating more.

The other thing is if you have 2 solid older qb’s you can split the games between them and don’t have to many concerns sometimes if you have a older player they can’t play all the games or if they do they get burned out.

According to media his agent shopped Burris to Ottawa...That would be expected, that's a far cry from Ottawa interested in Henry Burris. They got a great leader in KG who is right in his prime, why would they mess with that ?

Yup. If everyone is onboard with the plan than it would be an incredible addition for the REDBLACKS. Burris may realize the need for having 2 QBs in Ottawa and could be well on board with this plan.
$$$ may come into question here though as it would be his last contract he would look to squeeze as much out of it as possible. The main option Winnipeg can afford to pay him more and the starting spot to himself.
Ottawa is buliding and Winnipeg is rebuilding so not a lot of difference as far as the situation of each team is concerned

THAT makes sense. I really couldn’t see the logic from the Redblacks’ perspective. Even if Burris ended up winning the job outright, you can’t count on him for very long and it’s to imagine Glenn sitting around in the meantime. But that explanation clarifies the whole thing.