REDBLACKS in all upper-case?

Does anybody kow why REDBLACKS is in all caps all the time? How'd that happen?


It's all in caps because Ottawa is the Capital city of Canada.


because the team is run by capitalists of course.


Because it obscures the mildly racist name picked because they couldn't use Red&Black in English.

The Ottawa franchise naming goes back a loooonnng long ways!


Would have been funny if they chose "Fighting Irish"

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Ottawa's football history is as old and rich as any city in North America and they could have picked any name they wanted. Even something in use in another league. REDBLACKS was a way to appeal to a new demographic/generation and I can't fault them for that. Why all caps? No idea but glad they are playing football in Ottawa again.

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I wish they would get rid of the caps. It's just dumb. Or better yet pick a new name with an R.

To be truthful,
I didn't like it too much at the begining
(probably because I don't like change :man_white_haired: )
It has grown on me and I like what they have done with it!
They made the best of a bad situation because of the demand to change their name

The name has grown on me, too. But the all-caps hasn't. Most people (and news sources) just ignore that and type it as Redblacks.

Reminds me of this Seinfeld episode:

Given that the team didn't exist, was it really a demand to change the name? Moreso not to use the same name as previously/as another team in the league.

Or when Homer changed his name to MAX POWER.

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You can place the big, fat blame on the group of farmboys who run the Saskatchewan Roughriders, the team that stole Ottawa's name.

Oh, they're all for football in Ottawa, but they want to be the only Roughriders (Rough Riders).

Damn farmers.

"The only way Saskatchewan would vote for us was they had the right to veto our name," Jeff Hunt, part of the Ottawa CFL team's ownership group, told an Ottawa Sun Editorial Board meeting. "I thought in fullness of time, we would prevail on Saskatchewan to allow a community to have its own history. The Rough Riders name even pre-dates history. I thought they could be convinced. But I thought wrong. As time passed, their adamance from us using the name only grew.

For one thing, Ottawa had their name first; the Rough Riders took that moniker in 1898, while Saskatchewan's Roughriders weren't founded until 1910 and didn't take the Roughriders until 1924 (as the Regina Roughriders).

@Eskimos4Ever, I would figure being an Elks fan that you would see what a forced name change can do to a franchise

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Maybe it's pedantic but, since the franchise ceased to exist, I still don't think "name change" is the right terminology.