REDBLACKS hold on to win rematch over Elks

EDMONTON — The Ottawa REDBLACKS saw opportunity and seized it in a 25-18 win over the Edmonton Elks at Commonwealth Stadium on a rainy Saturday night for their second win of the season.

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Well this game actually added some excitment in the last 3 minutes of the game. I was looking to see if the Elks would at least tie up the game and force OT. Jones' Defence was pretty shabby in the 1st half by not living up to his rep and allowing the Lumberjacks to build a huge lead and ride that to the end. Was great to see Arbuckle get his 1st win after leaving Calgary & being tossed around like a bad penny . Hopefully he improves during this 2nd half of the season and doesn't petter out like he did in the 2nd half of this game.

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Not a bad game to watch, seen worse games from better teams. Must have been sweet for Arbuckle. Revenge can be a good motivator.

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Arbuckle played well and managed the game . The receivers could have had a better game .