Redblacks hire Noel Thorpe as DC

John Bowman doesn`t seem to hold Thorpe in high regard.

The Redblacks hope they’ve plugged some holes on a defence that will have a new look under defensive co-ordinator Noel Thorpe, who is replacing Mark Nelson (shifted to the team’s linebacker coach).

Thorpe has been credited with the success of the Montreal Alouettes’ defence — he was the co-ordinator there for five seasons before being fired last September.

Asked about playing under Thorpe, Alouettes defensive lineman John Bowman said: “When he first got here, what our team was defensively, we had guys who had been all-stars before he got here. As those guys left, who else did he develop? Everybody gives him so much credit for everything. Who can you say he developed besides Gabe Knapton?

“I wish (Thorpe) nothing but the best because he helped me in my career. We were good, but we weren’t great. We didn’t have a great defence. We were just better than the offence.?


Bowman is 100% correct! Thorpe is overrated. In 5 years, he never solved the problems of the defense on second and long.

Redblacks fans will tire of his bend, bend, bend, bend over and then break defence.