REDBLACKS hire Khari Jones as offensive coordinator

OTTAWA — The Ottawa REDBLACKS announced on Saturday that they have hired former Grey Cup champion Khari Jones as Offensive Coordinator and Assistant Head Coach for the 2023 Canadian Football League season.

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Great signing by Ottawa! Can’t wait to see how this turns out next year!

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Nice signing. I kinda thought he may be announced as the next TiCats HC but I guess not.
The East is shaping up to be stronger next season.


Agree on both points. So who's going to Regina? Mueller has turned it down. Jones was interviewed - did he also decline? IMO he made the right choice but I'm very interested in what's going to happen in the Queen City. :sunglasses:

Really glad for Khari. I knew he would land somewhere. On the flip side, I feel for Wil Arnt. I thought he did okay for the short time he was OC. I hope Ottawa keeps him on and an Ass. OC.

What ever scraps remain. And they'll fit right in with the current regime. Ladies and gentlemen I introduce to you your 5th place, cellar dwelling 2023 Saskatchewan Rough Riders

Pretty uncalled for. Not to far removed for Leading the west in 2019. A few better signings and all can change.

That's a whole other thread. Lets just leave it at how the organization as a whole behaves really affects coaches choices as to where they want to go.

Arnt could’t have done a worst job then Jones for sure as OC and X and O guy

One name still out there for Sask'n OC = Paul LaPolice.

Plop is always out there. This time he can induce a higher guaranteed salary by telling them he's quite happy as a TSN half-time analyst unless - THEY COME ACROSS.
Neither LaPolice nor Khari Jones are prime head-coaching candidates anymore. Main reason is they both lean to be player's coaches . . . . they are both incapable of putting down a player's insurrection and in a sense - they're terrified of their own players.

Guys like Dickenson (the winner version), O'Shea, Buono, even an aging Porky Campbell - - - - you want a roster spot (aka, a CFL game cheque, then button it up and do your job)

So in your opinion there is a team in the west the Riders will finish ahead of this coming season? It’s a dumpster fire and if BLM signs in Hammy before FA starts, there won’t be a single player wanting to join the team from Mosaic. Right now there isn’t even a coach who wants to step foot anywhere near that fiasco.

Regina appears to be a dumpster fire in progress. If BLM signs in Hamilton, there'll be slimin pickins for the Rider braintrust (contradiction in terms). I suspect if desperation reigns o'er them, they'll go after Dru Brown from Winnipeg and try like the dickens to land Kenny Lawler, the Edmonton free agent.

Let’s see what Edmonton does. Let’s see which teams sign which players and which ones actually turn out well for the teams. That’s all I am saying.

Edmonton will be allot better than last season, Chris Jones takes a year to assess and then puts a highly competitive team on the field. They also have Geroy and stable ownership. I wouldn't be surprised if the Elks finish 2nd in the West in 2023, 3rd at worst. Sask is in trouble, a coach and GM hanging by a thread with one year remaining on their contracts in a culture of fans who don't want them there right now. Players and coaches know this and will shy away from anything Sask. They would be smart to re-up or dump both O'Day and Dickenson, and start a rebuild, but that won't happen. They'll just continue their descent to the bottom of the west (this is the noticeable trend since O'Day/Dickenson took over). There are absolutely no positive signs that this ship wreck will turn around anytime soon

I like Khari as a person, but he's never been a great OC in this league. Unless Dyce is going to be heavily involved in the offense, Ottawa doesn't scare me in 2023.

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Khari has a tendency . . . . . he'll start fast and fade faster!

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Khari Jones was wearing two hats while in Montreal.
With just being an OC for the RB's, this should help.

I think he and the RB's will surprise a few here.

He was only OC in 2018 and only OC in B.C. Same results.

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BC - 2014.
Als 2018 - who was the HC and who was the QB?

Will agree to disagree with you regarding Jones.