REDBLACKS HC News Conference

Just watched the REDBLACKS head coach news conference live on A couple of points. Campbell does come across as a straight forward guy, which I think is good. He did mention his intentions on building an agressive defence, and systems built around the type of players brought in. One thing I found a little disturbing was the lack of french-language media, were reporters from Le Droit and Radio Canada not sent?

Le Droit is all over this team so far, I'd be surprised if they didn't attend. they had two articles about it yesterday.

Maybe they were there and just didn’t ask any questions?

Must be. We'll see how much more coverage they give it later.

I haven't seen it yet but it seemed brief from what little I was able to follow.

Here's the link to this morning's news conference:

Rick Campbell sure sounds like his dad Hughie. Hope he can coach like him.

I was listening to the news conference on TSN 1200 and some dink asked if Campbell was going to learn french !!! Come on, give the guy a break. He has enough to concentrate on as it is. Ottawa is not Montreal. Give the bilingual thing a rest why don’t you. I would rather see Campbell concentrate on a competitive team, a winning football season and a playoff berth than learning french to appease the media or the intelligensia from Quebec. Campbell answered that he would learn and Desjardins replied in french " Great answer" “Bonne reponse” (pardon the missing accent, no ascii keyboard). Like I’ve said before on this forum, I’m french and I can’t stand this language crap. I’ve seen the Canadiens dance with this now for a long time and it does not help their on ice product. Language should not define what the coach needs to concentrate on. The Redblacks are not the federal or quebec government.

I wonder if they would ask a BC Lions coach if he would learn Chineese! Vancouver is 25% Cineese.

I wonder if Campbell will go after Glenn in the draft

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This language thing is out of control in Ottawa there are some that wants every store/nar etc in the market to have workers who can speak french so it does not shock me some want the coach to speak french.

You're not comparing apples with apples. If I owned a private business on the Byward Market, I'd be stupid not to hire bilingual staff as it only makes sense to have staff who can help either english or french customers, so to take it one step further same goes with the REDBLACKS - it's a private business and if the powers to be decide they want to serve the Hull-Gatineau market, it's their business! However, I have to agree that what's happened in the Federal government since Trudeau, and now in Quebec with 'la vache' Marois is totaly out of control and imo (in the case of Quebec) against the charter!!

There is a difference between a if a bar etcs wants to have someone who can speak french and a law that says you have to.

That's my point exactly. There is no law in Ottawa that forces private business to hire french-speaking staff - but it's only common sense to do so if you're client base is 25% francophone.

You are right, even in some of them Franco Ontario towns in Eastern Ontario where no one speaks English they don't have language laws. It's up to a business to decide what language to serve in, it should never be up to the government. If they don't provide a French speaking person in a French only town they will soon go out of business.
As for the Byward Market, there are plenty of bars/restaurants that don't provide service in French, if a Franco doesn't like it they can go to a bar/business where they do speak French. Just like an Anglo going into a bar/restaurant in Quebec, if they don't like the service in French only they will go somewhere else.
I don't think there are too many people in the Ottawa area that don't speak English. When the region is 80% Anglo it' would be hard to find bilingual staff for every business in the area, there is a lot more incentive for a Franco to learn English than an Anglo to learn French.

There are many in Ottawa that don't speak english or french.

There are some pushing for a law that states you have to have so many who can speak french.

There is always somebody pushing for something. Unless they have the government's ear or tons of support I wouldn't sweat it.

Many? I would say that there could be some but not many. Probably some of the newer refugees. I know that in Vancouver and in Toronto there are Chineese that live in their communities that only speak Chineese.

Hey, keep your team English speaking only. If the team folds in four years because the Hull-Gatineau market does not identify or support the team don't come crying for a football team. Le Rouge et Noir is a regional team, get use to it. It has been made very clear by their owner so obviously it matters to the team and if a French speaking reporter asked the question what's the big deal ?

It may have been asked a bit tongue-in-cheek, too. I didn't hear it, so I couldn't say.

The Gatineau market has to be realistic about this (and that I know of, they are). We just can't rule out anyone that DOESN'T speak French. That would be ridiculously limiting.

I'm sure it was. I don't see the big deal. I doubt the reporter thinks the HC should become bilingual.