Redblacks getting good press in Quebec

Despite what some of the "experts" claimed the Redblacks are being well received in Quebec for their professional accomplishments so far and fan/media friendly approach.

:thup: :thup:

If only it were available in English. I'll never know what it says....unless I get my wife to read translate it for me. Lol

Just to let you know Le Droit is an Ottawa newspaper!Ontario's only francophone daily newspaper currently published in Ottawa Ontario. Something that often gets overlooked in this forum is the francophone population in Ottawa, and eastern Ontario communities. And yes it is read by francophones on the Quebec side of the border as well! :smiley:

Don't know if you use google but when I open the link it says - do you want to translate into English? the whole article gets translated and it's not bad English.

I know but this was picked up by the parent daily in Montreal "LaPresse"

If you use Chrome it is that simples, yes.

Of course the critics will be there becasue it has never been done before and of course anything new will never work.
Surely the lack of a team in Ottawa and the success of the Als over the past 15 years will not persuade those older fans.
But for a father who wants to take his son to a football game now he only has to cros the river. For CEGAP kids who play football in Gatineau and want to go to a pro game again crossing the river to go to a brand new stadium to see a pro CFL football game is something that could very well catch on.
When THE REDBLACKS BEGIN doing camps in gatinueau youth football through HS
Add the soccer factor and there is going to be a generation growing up through this new era. Having a new stadium will also make a huge difference.
Still wonder if TSN has made a decision to show REDBLACK GAMES ON RDS ?

Select RedBlacks games will be on RDS ^
Mentioned that in the schedule press release on the official site.

That makes sense.
Seems like everyting going on with the REDBLACKS first season is being done right. :thup:

The 3 games they play against the Als would have been on anyway so they will experiment with a few other games and see if the viewership is good. Could end up being a full meal deal.

This is a positive step. But I think they should also air select some non-Als and non-Red-Blacks games, too--with French play by play. I think if they treat the French Quebec market with respect, they can grow the product there nicely.

They did that last year and they may do so again. even if Montreal and Ottawa games are showing they still will travel to all of Montreal's away game sights so RDS will be in every city at least once and seen on RDS at least twice and most likley much more.

I would like to see TSN start by showing all Labor day Weekend games on RDS that is the biggest weekend for the CFL

The should do a few of the big rivalry games, especially Toronto/Hamilton since it has an impact on Montreal's standings.

I think we may just see exactly what you said and show big Rivalry games on RDS as well. They di begin to experiment with other games besides the Ald on RDS last season and my best guess it will continue.
RDS ratings drop signifigantly in playoffs once the Als have been eliminated.
Showing Montreal games on RDS certainly has been very successful and has awaken and entire province to the Montreal Alouettes.
The next logical step will be to awaken a whole province as CFL fans.
Having a 2nd team whose Metro area includes aboy 1/4 of the population in Quebec who are Franco first language. Ottawa is also doing its part as well.
It will be a process and the ratings will not explode overnight but TSN, REDBLACKS, and CFL see the potential ratings of CFL games on RDS.
The REDBLACKS of Ottawa CFL is one that is here to stay with a very smart goup of owners


But don't forget the huge ONTARIO population of French Canadians that live East of Ottawa, from Orleans out along Hwy 17 and down to Cornwall. Forget Quebec, it's Franco Ontarians they need to reach out to.
As someone mentioned above wasn't it great to see the coverage in the Quebec paper - that was NOT a Quebec newspaper it was an ONTARIO newspaper! I think a lot of people forget about the hundreds of thousands of Franco Ontarians in Eastern Ontario. That is the market they have to go after, it's an Ontario team not a Quebec team.
The Francos on the Quebec side are Als fans you are not going to win them over. You have to go after the Francos on the Ontario side.

Well they are doing that as well by having everything in both languages and having big stories in Ottawa's Main Franco news paper.
Having a unique situation of also having Ottawa metro area in Quebec there is no harm in going after them as well from the get go

Once again you don't know what you are talking about. More than 15 percent of season tickets have been picked up by Quebec residents. But keep lying to people... it looks great on you :wink:

and where did I lie and say that Quebec residents were not buying season tickets??
I never even mentioned Quebecers buying season tickets? once again you "read between the lines" and don't actually read what is posted.

Where did it say that 15% of season ticket holders were from Quebec? that would be 1,800. Yet in LaPresse they stated that there were 500, which is still more than the 18 or so when the Renegades were in existence.

You hate facts don't you? and you just hate debating and can't see when someone has a different opinion than you.

So does that mean that YOU were lying to It looks good on you

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The OWNER Jeff Hunt has stated publicly more than once that this is a regional team, not an Ontario team. So yes when you state this is an "Ontario team not a Quebec team". You are a divisive liar.

There is no harm in trying. Give him credit for making a commitment to this from the get go. :slight_smile: