Redblacks fire HC Lapolice

Shoe dropped and White flag waved.....on to 2023.

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P.O.S Marino, Lapo didn't stand a chance
Bob Dyce takes over as interim

Nice guy but the writing was on the wall. This business isn't kind to head coaches. I'd expect LaPo to bounce back as OC on another team soon enough.

Surprised a bit they didn’t wait until the end of the year at this point.

I like LaPo and I don’t think it’s a stretch to say he’s the best OC in the land. In his head coaching positions in Winnipeg and Ottawa I don’t think he had much to work with. Hopefully he will get another chance one day.

I said on the game thread weeks ago that Marino just likely got LaPo fired. I’m not sure Vince Lombardi could have done much better with what he had to work with. The coach always goes first and the equally or more inept management gets a pass for now.


yea me too.

why wait ? He was dead man walking.

because he’s also OC and very heavily involved in day to day operations. big hole to suddenly fill, regardless of performance.

So the next Q... Is it Mass or the Rider head... coach who goes next...and do they wait for another loss first???
So actually a few Qs in one

honestly i have no idea. give the reins to Benny.


Ottawa was very active in free agency this year. I don't really agree that he had nothing to work with. Certainly losing Masoli so early in the season didn't help, but the team wasn't able to win close games when it counted. It's not like they were blown out every week.

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I'm not usually a fan of firing head coaches during the season but I think this was a good move. It gives Dyce a chance to show something before they get serious about replacement in the off season. The janitor could have accomplished what LaPolice did, because they do have players in that org. to work with.

I wouldnt mind seeing him as OC in Regina

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He was, but now you have admitted to your fans that the season is over and there is no need to buy a ticket until next year.


fans are not clueless

Its too bad. He will get an OC position somewhere or get his gig back on TSN.
Dickenson and Maas next?

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They weren’t blown out every week but the way they looked early in the season against the Bombers and Lions with Masoli says a lot to me. Losing Masoli wasn’t LaPo’s fault. They didn’t have the personnel to make a go of it without him. BC is better without Rourke than Ottawa is without Masoli and they were both rock bottom last year so I have to think that BC management did a much better job that Ottawa’s management did.

And I also think of Jones in Edmonton. He has the massive advantage of controlling all personnel yet his success rate is just as bad. Yet few people are calling for his head (other than those who don’t like him no matter what). I don’t see why Jones gets a pass for the equally if not more atrocious job he has done so far in Edmonton and LaPo doesn’t. I keep reading how Edmonton will be so much better next year but I haven’t seen any evidence of it. I am pretty sure LaPo would have done much better next year with a healthy Masoli, but no one is taking that angle and somehow many believe that Jones will suddenly be able to get the same colour on each side of the messy Rubik’s cube that the Elks are at present.

Bomber fans were screaming for O’Shea’s head after three and four years and we know how that turned out. A luxury LaPo will not know.

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No they are not but admitting defeat to your fans is never a good look. Now they will be asked to watch an “interim” coach. May as well call it a preseason game.

Jones is only in his first year back with Edmonton so this season is his grace period. And with no disrespect to LaPo, Jones has been a winner everywhere he's been, including as head coach, winning multiple Grey Cups while in charge. No comparison between the two.

As for O'Shea, completely different team and different circumstances. Winnipeg was improving over those seasons. Ottawa was regressing.


Yes Jones has had one year only but LaPo had none in charge of personnel, so Jones has the advantage in my view. And so far Jones has made a complete mess of it. His laurels aren’t helping him this year. Winnipeg wasn’t improving very much and the fans were constantly screaming for O’Shea’s head in years 3-4-5 and even six. I think this is knee jerk and rather would try to model my organization after the Winnipegs and Calgarys of this world, not whatever this is.

And I realize that Ottawa won a Grey Cup in year 2 but that was a rarity due to fortunate geographical divisional location and having a very good QB who played lights out that year. I think LaPo lost his job because Masoli got hurt and that it is that simple. Sure things have deteriorated, but that happens with losing. I don’t know if LaPo would have led them to the promised land but I strongly believe that he wasn’t given a fair chance to do so.